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    The Wasteland

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    After The Great War of 2077, most of the world was reduced to a barren desert, now known as The Wasteland.

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    The world was in turmoil even before The Great War. The United Nations disbanded in 2052, China attacked Alaska in 2066 and the United States annexed Canada in 2076. The reason for all these conflicts: resources. The world's oil reserves started drying up in 2052, causing many smaller countries to go bankrupt. Europe had waged a long war with the Middle East, but in 2060, when the Middle Eastern oil fields ran dry, they ended the conflict and started quarreling amongst themselves. In 2066 America reclaimed Alaska and annexed Canada, acquiring the last remaining drops of oil. 

    The Vaults

    The United States closed its borders in 2053, following a plague epidemic and the world's first act of nuclear terrorism. In 2054 the United States started Project Safehouse and began construction of the vaults, which would later house the future inhabitants of The Wasteland. 

    World War III

    The Great War began on Saturday October 23rd 2077. No one knows who fired the first missiles, but in two brief hours most of the world was reduced to cinders, rendering it uninhabitable for generations.

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