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The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles is similar to Mad Dog McCree in gameplay: FMV sequences play where enemies draw their weapons and shoot at the player. The player has to target and shoot the actors in the video to progress to the next scene.


Walking down the main street of a western town, time freezes and Doc Lloyd ( Lloyd Kaufman) walks out to chat with the player. Wavy Tube Man Jr. has stolen his new invention, the Time Traviz Machine, in order to alter history using the Future Graphiz Virus. Doc Lloyd wants you to stop him and return the Time Traviz Machine.

The player then shoots his way through the town in order to find our where the Time Traviz Machine and Wavy Tube Man Jr. have ended up. After a shootout in a bar, a church (featuring Brandon Boyer as a priest), and a sequence where two damsels are tied up and need to be saved from dynamite, the space time continuum is torn in two and the Time Traviz Machine appears, sucking the player into the future.

In the future, the player meets up with the Future Resistance Buddy (Wiley Wiggins). After shooting some of Wavy Tube Man Jr's henchman and shooting at some bottles, your buddy leads you to where Wavy Tube Man Jr is and gives you a FUTURE GUN that shoots blue plasma balls. The player shoots and kills Wavy Tube Man Jr, only to have Doc Lloyd reappear and steal the Time Traviz Machine - it was a trap all along, and Doc Lloyd plans to deploy the Future Graphiz Virus to destroy the world! The player has to blow up the Time Traviz Machine and kill Doc Lloyd to save the world.

Upon Doc Lloyd's death, a scrolling epilogue is seen:

As Doc Lloyd burned as mean as his betrayal,
The Stranger all at once felt the gravity of what
he had just done. He alone had prevented the
spread of the Future Graphiz Virus.

The Stranger and all those unfortunate to
cross paths with the Time Traviz Machine
had seen its supreme power and corrupting

No one should possess such power.

Not anybody.

As the heat from the flames blew past
The Stranger, he felt the hot winds of
the galaxy whisper his name.

Buddy. Thank you Buddy.


Xbox Live Marketplace

Available as a free add-on for The Gunstringer, this was the original release of The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles. This version supports Kinect controls.

Windows 8/Windows RT

A Windows 8 port of The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles is also available. Along with all of the original game's features, the Windows 8 version includes remastered video, a chapter select feature, and bonus behind the scenes pictures and videos.

This version runs on both Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets, and costs $1.49 from the Windows Store. It supports mouse, touch, and pen input.


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