How much do I need to know about the first game?

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I played the first game heck I bought it 3 times. But it's one of them games i could never see to the end. Now with Witcher 2 on us how much do I need to know story wise from the first do you guys think ill need to know?

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Geralt is a monster hunter with amnesia.

Big spoiler for the witcher 1

and thats about it I think. I'm not sure whether any other story related elements of the first game will have much affect on the second.
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Thanks, hope there is a recap or something to get me in the game. Maybe in a few years ill beat Witcher 1

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If you don't have it already go pick it up on GOG for 5$, and play it sooner than later.

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I would suggest you find a summary somewhere online. There are probably going to be a lot of references that would mean more if you played the game, but I think reading a summary will do.

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I enjoyed Witcher 2, but I don't know that playing it will be integral to this experience. The ending does set up for the next game, but its one single ending. If you don't feel like putting Witcher back in:

But I don't think they'll shut out quests based on what you did the first game. Cus it takes place in a new area, so your previous exploits are just vague rumors.
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Thanks to all the reply also point out anyone want to add me on steam  my name is Fahrenheit on there

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The devs have said you don't need to play Witcher 1 to understand Witcher 2.

TW2 will include a save importing feature which will transfer the choices you made in the first game, but very little info has been said about it since it was announced. I'm actually wondering if its even in the game honestly.

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I'm not touching Witcher 2 until I'm done with the original. The sequel will be a much richer experience having gone through the first and not just having read a summary of the quest line.
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There were sex cards.

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I was wondering this too. Tried to play the first... and found out it had the worst combat of any game I've ever played. Wait til an icon appears and click... ugh.

So far, from what I can tell, the 2nd game will have better combat. I'm just not sure if it's going to be a memorable game... or just another RPG to hold me over til Diablo 3. Decisions decisions...

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