Just found a great Assassins Creed easter egg in here.

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I found this during the prologue while arming the balista. It's a guy in a white robe, with a red sash who split his head open laying on a broken wagon full of hay. you can even see the hidden blade if you look closely, although it is on the wrong hand. Pretty great easter egg if you ask me. (I didn't take this picture)

Anyway, I'm loving the game right now, it's a really well done port, and all that bonus content that everyone gets for free. Not to mention it's only 50$ on the 360. CD Project is really a great developer, they make some great games and treat their customers well I'm really looking forward to what they do in the future.

Anyone see find any other easter eggs?

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At the beginning of Act 2 there is a blatant Lord of the Rings reference. I liked it.

But I agree, this port is a landmark for the 360. Even in intense battles with tons of enemies on screen the game runs beautifully smooth. I have not hit one single framerate dip in my 20+ hours. Some people complain about audio, haven't noticed one single thing on mine... only the very occasional screen tearing during slow pans in cinematics (never during gameplay). Completely loving this game, CDPR is doing everything Bioware should be IMO. Good on them.

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I believe Geralt says something along the line of "They'll never learn." I could be wrong, but he did say something under his breath. But yeah, great game on the Xbox 360.

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Hah! That's fantastic!

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Bahahah, that's too good.

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@Jason_Bourne: You also get a +1 in Assassination for discovering it. There are quite a few Easter eggs throughout the game.

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This is the only easter egg I remember... I'm sure there are a lot more though.

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Thread already here... Derp.

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@AlexW00d: The "related topics" didn't bring anything up, and I wasn't going to look for a years worth of topics to find something that may not have been there. But sorry, i think.

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@Jason_Bourne: I was only joking dude. And yeah, the related topics thing on here is pretty bad :/

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@AlexW00d: Sorry if I came off as hostile, just thought I'd point it out.

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The Lord of the Rings reference was pretty funny too.

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