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Not satisfied with merely porting the game to consoles, CD Project has opted to completely revamp several aspects of the game and improve others with a new engine to be more suitable for the console experience. The developers are retelling the celebrated, mature story from the popular PC game The Witcher while also making some key improvements to the mechanics.

Geralt of Rivia
Geralt of Rivia

The control system has been completely reconfigured from the simple, timed-mouse click mechanic on the PC to giving the player complete control over enemy targeting, attacks, and defensive actions in the console version. The player will be in control over where and when Geralt parries, dodges, or makes attacks in contrast with the PC version where defense was almost entirely handled automatically by the computer. In general, the goal is to create a much more action oriented combat experience. Along with the new controls, additional motion capturing has been done to supply new animations to these actions.

Other changes include revamped boss battles, a new game interface, a handful of new character models, and additional music. Even the character development system has been redesigned with consoles in mind.


In April of 2009 CD Projekt RED announced that the game had been put on indefinite hold due to complications with Widescreen Games, the developer of the game. Eventually CD Projekt would end their association with Widescreen Games, stating that they were technically incapable of achieving the quality of game they were hoping for.

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