Do you see the games as canon?

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I remember reading somewhere that the creator of the series, Andrzej Sapkowski doesn't view the games as canon, but a story based off his work told from different people. Now, I am reading an old Eurogamer page about it, and yeah, he pretty much says this. I was wondering if you guys see it as canon, and while I have no idea of the state of novels being created further (I just read that he doesn't know if he wants to create another book), if a new one came out and contradicted the games, what would you think? Would the game take priority, or the novel from the original creator? Or how much does the novel matter to you now that you played the games? No disrespect to Andrzej, but as someone that has only played the games, I only see the game as canon, and what preceded it in novel form was what happened prior obviously; what comes after that takes place of the games isn't something I care to know too much about beside perhaps seeing the differences. I kind of wish there was an audio book of them, with the voices from the games. I'm excited for Blood and Wine! Have to finish Dark Souls 3 first though. Almost done.

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Something being canon or not is really not up to individual preference, unless nothing is officially stated one way or the other.

Does it really matter though? It doesn't change the quality at all. Even if it's just a "what-if" scenario it doesn't lessen the impact of the experience. And you could certainly consider all the games canon to eachother.

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Never even thought about it before, probably never will again after making this post. The games are likely the only way I'll ever engage with that world, so whatever the "canon" is doesn't matter to my enjoyment of it.

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I have never thought about Witcher canon before.

Sure I guess? I don't concern myself with canon in general. If I think it's canon then that's all I ever need.

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Since the Witcher video games have an audience that is many times the size of the novels' audience in the countries where most Giant Bomb users live, and they are also the first (and usually, only) experience that most of us have had with the Witcherverse, they're kinda the de facto "real" Witcher canon anyway. So tough luck for Andrzej Sapkowski, famed Witcher fanfic writer.

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@teddie: Well, since the games came out, there are two canon's. Game canon, and novel canon, so if you never want to get into the novels, then it doesn't really matter as the game is all that matters. I'm with you though, it's probably the only way I'll experience the world, and I'm happy with it, though I may read a wiki or something about the novels stories so I get more insight into the world and characters. I don't plan on reading the novels.

@zeik: You're correct, but it's more about which way would you like to go about it, a continuation of the game, or novels if there was ever a case for that. And no, it doesn't impact anything in terms of enjoyment. I was curious as to what people would be more interested in really.

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@finaldasa: Canon only bothered me in one case, and that's what goes on in the Alien universe. Anything after (story wise) Aliens, isn't considered canon to me. Glad that they're probably retconning it.

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@ntm: For what it's worth, the games take place directly after the end of the final novel. I read the entire series between playing Witcher 2 and Witcher 3 coming out and they're fantastic. They gave a lot of context to the games and made Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri even better characters. Disregarding the novels existence is pretty silly. They aren't different, they're just before.

Whether or not the games are canon, I guess technically not. But until he writes another novel, they're canon to me.

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@yi_orange: Yeah, I know they're continuation of the novels. I know about the novels. I wasn't saying I was, or anyone that are fans of the games should disregard them at all. I am interested to know what happened before the games, but I don't care to find, buy and read the novels honestly. I will, like I said, read a wiki or something if I am super curious to get the gist. I was simply talking about what comes after, if ever, and what people will see as canon. It's not really even about 'what's better' or what have you, it's just about what interests one more. I'm not trying to negatively talk about one or the other.

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As far as I know nothing in the games contradicts whats in the books, and they actually build on the books pretty well. so why do we even care if its canon or not?

I guess my point is its all canon to me until theres a conflict

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I think it's extremely cool that the games are actually a direct sequel to the books. I'm generally skeptical when a different author/writer/director/etc continues someone else's work, but in this case, the games built off the books and nailed it. They are canon to me.

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If you never have and never will read the books, why do you care?

If you created a universe with a bunch of books, would you care too much about the side project video game you let someone make?

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@hunkulese: I won't read the books probably, but I care for the stories told regardless. Also, that's a weirdly defensive comment, like I said something offensive, which means I didn't convey my feelings on it correctly, or the tone was read incorrectly. As for your second question, actually yes, I wouldn't mind seeing what someone created off of one of my works, as I play games already. I have no issue with him not wanting to play the games, or not take them into account.

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So tough luck for Andrzej Sapkowski, famed Witcher fanfic writer.

That's hilarious :D

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I think at the end of the day, unless he writes additional books the games will be considered the canon explanation of what happens after the conclusion of the final novel. I think in a way it is comparable to Star Wars. Until they decided to make the new films the books and games detailing the events both after the first trilogy and between the end of the Clone Wars and the start of Episode IV were the canon. But once new works in the original medium were created the previously canon works were relegated to an alternate universe type deal. So if more books are written either by the original author or by someone endorsed by the original author then those would take precedent over works created in another medium with no real input from the original creator. Until that time though I think I would consider these canon.

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I always assume that with every series the different mediums have their own specific canons (unless they explicitly reference each other).

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I don't care one bit about "canon" or not, I just like the games and the books both.

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Andrej certainly have the rights for his works and if he takes the next chapter down another line so be it, i hope i eventually get to read them all. Im not much of a reader so it will take a year ot two before im finished with it. Maybe RR Martin has released his next book by then so i can continue that saga but who knows ;)

I never considered the games canon anyway. The games are only based on the books and i enjoy them no less becouse of it.

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Well its cannon to me as the games are the only medium im familar with. Even if i read the books i will see and hear the characters in the game now

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