Will the PS4 get a Witcher 1 or 2 or both port?

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Since the people transitioning from PS3 to PS4 who haven't played it on PC have missed out, do you think they can or should port those games? Otherwise they'd be jumping into the middle of a story with many threads and details. I wonder how much time it would take to do that. A bundle with both would be cool.

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Did the Xbox ever get Witcher 1?

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The Witcher 2 is a damn good game so I'm all for porting it to anything; The Witcher 1 is a PC game through and through.

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@fredchuckdave said:

The Witcher 2 is a damn good game so I'm all for porting it to anything; The Witcher 1 is a PC game through and through.

This. Porting the Witcher 1 without a massive overhaul in the questing, gameplay mechanics, and even movement controls would be an incredible undertaking.

That said if PS4 supports mouse and keyboard like the PS3 then by all means. I'd love to play it again.

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Porting Witcher 1 would be hard. It's running on a modified Neverwinter Nights engine and plays like a crpg.

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I hope so, I played Witcher 1 and 2 on my laptop, and I'm not sure it can handle whatever Witcher 3 is going to be and I'm not getting an Xbox One, so I'd love to be able to play it on the PS4 with some of the moral choices from 2.

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I'm assuming PS4 willl get the Witcher 4 - Mass Effect-style.

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I'm guessing they might do that (with Witcher 2, not 1) after the launch of Witcher 3 and only if it makes money on the PS4. But for now CDPR is pretty busy with Witcher 3.

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Porting Witcher 1 is impossible. It uses a modified version of the NWN engine and the game is built around M+KB. The only way it could happen is as a remake using the new engine, and the only way I could see that happen is if Witcher 3 sells millions of copies on each console.

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I could see 2 coming over. The first one though? Not a chance. It's a pretty clunky, more traditional CRPG that is running on a heavily modified version of the Neverwinter Nights engine. If you want to play it, it's old enough that it will run on pretty much anything, including Mac.

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