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    The Witcher

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Oct 26, 2007

    The Witcher is an Action Role Playing Game developed by CD Projekt RED and is based on the book "The Last Wish" by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. An Enhanced Edition was released in September, 2008. A director's cut version was released for North America on July 31, 2009.

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    One of the most engrossing, well-rounded RPGs of the year 0

    Every once in a while, a game will come out that extends the boundaries of its genre through multiple facets. Whether through graphics, sound, or just general gameplay and the Polish developers at CD Projekt Red might have done it with their first release, The Witcher. Releasing onto store shelves on October 30th of 2007, The Witcher strives to become something new in a genre that has been somewhat lacking since the days of Baldur's Gate and Might and Magic. Using a heavily modified engine that ...

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    The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Review 2

    Back in 2007, CD Projekt released The Witcher, a fantasy RPG based on the series of books written by Andrzej Sapkowski. The game was well received by critics, but suffered from a plethora of technical problems. About a year later, The Witcher: Enhanced Edition was released, either as a separate game for newcomers or as a free update for those who had already purchased the original game. The Enhanced Edition allegedly fixed many of the games bugs, costing CD Projeckt approximately $1 million. The...

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    What a Game! Witcher's mature and deep story is sure to keep your 3

    I just finished this game five minutes ago, and what can i say? The Witcher is Such a great game ! I'll start with the pros and cons: Pros Amazing, memorable and moving story with many twists. Moral dilemmas. Amazing cinematics that supplement the story. Great medieval music. Fun combat and alchemy system. Believable and memorable characters. Interesting sidequests. Etc,etc... there are so many points, i can...

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    Terrific Game That Has Held Up Well Over Time 2

    I recently played this game over Steam starting in November 2009, completing my first playthrough the next month.  I should emphasize that first playthrough part, because I enjoyed it enough to deserve a second playthrough at some point.  At recent prices, it can be a terrific bargain.  I bought it for $40, but shortly thereafter Steam (as part of its fantastic holiday sale) had it under $15, which is an absolute steal. From a gameplay standpoint, it is an action RPG.  The combat is largely poin...

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    A dull game set in an enthralling world. 0

    The Witcher is a pretty bad game which you have to play if you want to read a very well-written choose-your-own-adventure book. The combat is simple and usually quite dull, often becoming a game of “watch the icon change and then click the mouse”. There are occasional moments where the overly complex potion-brewing mechanics come in useful, but even then the whole system seems so obtuse that it’s easy to dread these sections. The systems in the game are actually quite simple, i...

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    Crush your enemies, and nail down every piece of poontang around. 1

    Hide the children, because here comes The Witcher: Atari's “mature fantasy RPG” based on a series of novels by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski about a group of monster hunters-for-hire. The game centers on Geralt, greatest of the Witchers as he embarks on a quest to avenge his fallen comrade and (as is standard in almost every RPG in history) recover his lost memories. If only amnesia could always be cured with a swift blow to the head like on The Smurfs... Despite the clichéd setup, the g...

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    PC Gamings Finest Hour. 0

         It's really sad to see the PC game market slowly sliding into the gameless void that it is in because I really believe it is where true innovation can thrive. (Don't get me wrong I love my 360 like a child). When I bought this game last year I was really intrigued by its claims of a dark tone and morally gray choices so I picked it up.Well I started playing it before the Enhanced Edition was released or even talked about. The bugs and crazy long load times at first did not deter me but even...

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    Solid, unique single-player CRPG 0

    The Witcher is, as the title suggest, a "solid, unique single-player CRPG".  Using Bioware's Aurora engine to bring the world to life, The Witcher offers a highly unique dark-fantasy vision (based on the best-selling Polish novels).  Yes there are dwarves and elves and magic, but don't mistake this for a pure Lord of the Rings ripoff.  There's a heavy dose of racism, rape, prostitution, murder and betrayal involved in the engaging and quite adult (in theme) storyline.The gameplay is a nice chang...

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    An ambitious game that delivers on most of what it offers 0

    Every year or two, a highly ambitious RPG comes along that is aimed at hardcore PC and role-playing fans. Games like Arcanum, Boiling Point, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, and Gothic 3 offer wholly unique experiences, but at a cost. They can be very fun, but often, their lack of polish exceeds their ambition level. How many games from small developers like Troika and Pirhanna Bytes could have been Game of the Year candidates if they had only been free of bugs or if they had operated smoot...

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    There's something amazing here... somewhere. 0

    You know what this game needs? A sequel.The Witcher is, at times, pretty darn awesome. The seemingly unrelated plot threads click and snap together and seemingly innocuous decisions you made hours ago suddenly reveal themselves as huge, far-reaching choices with ample consequences. The Witcher is surprisingly innovative in regards to how it handles this key element that everyone seems to make a really big deal about in WRPGs (because they should). You won't know if the choice you made will have ...

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    Pristine intro to a new dark fantasy world and its protagonist. 0

    "The Witcher" is a Polish-made Action Role-playing Game which is utilizing BioWare's Aurora 2007 game engine. The game is based off of a medieval fantasy Tolkien-esque Polish novel called "The Witcher". Superb gameplay, mechanics, interfacing, character customization, and other great features are all attributes that make "The Witcher" a fun and riveting adventure to undertake.The simple score breakdown of "The Witcher" is like so…Graphics/Character Performance and Animation – 8.5/10Fun Factor – ...

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    At times overly ambitious, The Witcher has plenty to offer for those that can look past it's flaws. 0

    It has taken me nearly 4 years to beat The Witcher. Why? Well that’s really my own fault rather than the game’s, but it is the game’s fault I kept coming back to it. Whereas most games I’d have given up and moved on, I felt compelled to see the journey of Geralt to completion. Now I finally have and I can say that The Witcher is a game full of ambition, dreaming of being a grand epic, and while it mostly succeeds, a few things keep it from fulfilling its true potential.Ge...

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    A very bewitching CRPG 0

    **This review is based on the Enhanced Edition and will not touch on the bugs and localization issues that plagued the initial release as they have been fixed for the most part**CD Projekt's The Witcher is a welcome novelty for RPG fans trying to wean off years of the Forgotten Realms franchise. Its world is an adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski's cult classic Witcher fantasy novels, and the result is an excellent tribute to the source material. It draws on the bestiary in the books (most notably t...

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    What the hell is a witcher anyways? 0

    Last year was a terrible year for RPGs on the PC. There was almost nothing released, and the titles that were ended up being fairly underwhelming. However, there was one game that was strong, yet it had problems that kept it from being the best game it could have been. I am, of course, talking about The Witcher, a game that received a fair amount of praise for being something different. Well, here we are in the fall of 2008, and the situation for RPGs seems even worse than ever before, though fl...

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    Mini Review: The Witcher 0

    The Witcher has plenty of flaws but it still manages to set the foundations for a interesting series overall. The strongest part of this game is the story which tells a tale of how Geralt must forge a new identity while making his way through the land around Vizima. Over time the narrative just keeps getting better with the realization that everything just isn't going to go the right way no matter what he tries to do. The gameplay part of this equation is certainly unique with the combat requiri...

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    The Witcher is a gigantic, engrossing RPG, but it may be a tad overambitious. 0

    The White Wolf, Geralt of RiviaThe universe of The Witcher originates from the mind of Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. This particular entry takes place some time after the final book in the series, The Lady of the Lake.Fortunately, you won't need to have prior knowledge of these books to enjoy the story CD PROJEKT RED has presented. The story is centered around Geralt of Rivia -- a witcher -- also known as "The White Wolf", who is suffering from amnesia when we first encounter him. This sets G...

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    Great world and characters 0

    I bought this game in 2008, I started this game four times over the years and had a real hard time getting into it.There are some fairly large difficulty spikes in this game if you are playing the game how it wants to be played. once I stopped worrying about conserving resources and started using all my abilities, this game really opens up.I liked the characters and the world in this game, but I didn't think the actual story was very good.The main story line quests are pretty good, but the side ...

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    The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Review 0

    I just finished the game after almost three years of playing it on and off again. The story and the characters were very gratifying even though some of the gameplay had its quirks. There are many paths and choices in this game and they all have some effect on how everything plays out. A lot of games claim this level of interactivity, but they usually circle the dialog around and make any decision you made ultimately end in the same resolution. The Witcher doesn't completely avoid this issue but ...

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    Good 0

    A great game that has been covered in some detail. From the start there is great atmosphere that is hampered in some way by the age of the game. Having just played this game in 2011 I am pretty impressed with what was accomplished by this old engine.While the combat is interesting and the game systems help to add some diversity the main issue with The Witcher is the large amount of backtracking. There are large sections of the game that are retreading the same area over and over again with fight...

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    Extended Analysis/Review of one of my Favourite Games 0

    The Witcher is one of those games where you've heard of it, didn't really put much thought to it at the time, eventually got around to playing it, didn't understand what all the fuss was about, but then three days later you find yourself diving back into its arduous, 80 hour-ish journey. A lot of time has passed since 2007, yet only a handful of decent RPGs have been released. It was an interesting decision on CD Projekt Red's part in building The Witcher on BioWare's Aurora Engine (Neverwinter ...

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    Like a grand adventure, there is gold behind the cobwebs and dirt 0

    I initially picked up The Wicther when the Enhanced edition came out. Being a CRPG fan, I went ahead and got the collector's edition. My first attempt at a play-through ended with a barrage of rather unflattering verbal critique followed by a 2 year hiatus from the game. In this time either (a) the game was patched or (b) I matured as a person and over the course of the last month or so I've had a far more playable and enjoyable experience than my first go-around.The story of The Witcher centers...

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    Mature and Quirky 0

    The Witcher is a strange and unexpectedly rewarding role playing experience. Its dark story tones and ambivalent moral landscape are a little off-putting (it took me 18 months to sum up the courage to finally play it!), but the world is very immersive. As Geralt of Rivia, the player is given a monster hunter's perspective on a divided, racist state where thugs rule and the power of enchantment is quenched by the cruelness of the sword.There are many things to enjoy here, from the game's uniquely...

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    This game ranks up there as one of the best RPGs in recent times. 0

     My main concern when I decide to pick up an RPG is making sure it's made by a trustworthy developer. RPGs are a tempestuous kind, they often have bugs and problems shipped with it, even the ones made by the so called top developrs of the genre. Sure, The Wither's developer is unknown and the game is not free of mishaps, though h I guess we can account CD Projekt Red as a developer to look forward when it comes to RPGs, and the problems can be overcome. Overall The Witcher is amazing and stands ...

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    The Witcher, A Mature RPG That Holds No Punches 0

    Overall The Witcher is a game that had quite a reputation preceding it before I jumped in and played it and from my experience hype is a horrible thing for games. This was luckily not the case in the Witcher. I enjoyed almost everything about this game, from the environments, to the creatures, and even the people while not FULLY fleshed out it was just enough to leave me satisfied about who they are and not bore me with more details that I couldn't care less about.  Story The first and foremost ...

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    The Witcher 0

     I bought The Witcher almost exactly one year ago, and played it off and on that whole time until I finally beat it a couple days ago. There's no particular reason why it took me so long, other than a general apathy towards gaming I generate every once in a while. But despite the protracted play through, I enjoyed the game for the most part. It's far from perfect, with a few things holding it back, mostly of a technical nature. While it was occasionally frustrating, it was still a very am...

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    A breath of fresh air for fantasy RPGs, but combat gets dull. 0

    There's really two games to discuss in The Witcher.The first is an incredibly fresh take on what a fantasy RPG can be in 2009. A captivating, mature world filled with grey moral choices between numerous political ideas and groups at odds with each other. This is the game that wows you in the first few chapters. This is adult subject matter -- drugs, sex, sin and virtue -- explored through quests that feel more like chapters in a book rather than errands to be done for rewards. The Witcher immers...

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    The choice is yours as Geralt in this superbly crafted RPG 1

    In The Witcher you play as Geralt, a human mutant who slays monsters, set out to recover the secrets of the Witchers. The Witcher is a great Role playing game and it doesn't have hundreds of weapons and armor, it doesn't have a insane amounts of random loot to collect. What it does do is let you play a role, that role is to choose a path that the story should follow. Choose who to kill, who to accuse and who to trust. These aspects are carefully played out through a series of quests and at vario...

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