10 minute gameplay video with Jonathan Blow commentary

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Here is a 10 minute video i which Jonathan Blow explains how this game or one of these puzzles work and how the game teaches you that.


I somehow can not Embed the video but as you will see it really a great way how to "skip" tutorial text and explanations but let the game teach you how to play. He also said release will be sometime next year but I am not sure if this was really recorded this year or if we really have to wait till 2015 to play this game.

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So it's basically Myst but with variations of line puzzles.

I do like the look of it - very clean. In some areas though there was no movement, no tree sway, no clouds blowing past, everything was so static I thought my video froze up. Later on you can see trees swaying when he's solving the black/white box puzzles so I'm sure it's just some finishing touches that need to be put on.

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