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    The Witness

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Jan 26, 2016

    An exploration-focused puzzle-adventure game led by the creator of the 2008 indie game Braid. While exploring a quiet but colorful island, players must solve a series of maze-like puzzles on numerous electronic puzzle consoles.

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    Worth the Wait 0

    No one has ever really made a game like The Witness before. Its influences may be somewhat obvious (Myst), but the particular way The Witness is structured is nothing short of intriguing. Never before have I found myself writing random stuff on a piece of paper, or even editing screenshots in Paint just to work out the in-game tribulations. With a composition that is nothing short of unique and unforgettable, The Witness is an exemplary title in the art of pristine level design.Let’s trav...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    A puzzle game 7 years in the making; get ready for a brain teasing masterclass 0

    The Witness is a unique and special videogame. It starts with the basic premise of line puzzles. You are also on a beautiful island all alone, but primarily you’re tasked with beating simple line puzzles. It’s from this simple premise that the game manages to build upon this formula over and over again and ultimately builds a game which can entertain you for 40+ hours. It may seem impossible until you actually play The Witness and then you discover how ingenious they make something s...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    Video Review - The Witness 0

    Thekla, Inc's The Witness represents 7 years of work from indie game visionary Jonathan Blow and the work shows. The game is incredibly beautiful, dense, and complex. While that density and complexity can become overbearing at times, there is still plenty to appreciate in The Witness. For more information, check out the VIDEO REVIEW....

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    The Witness Review 0

    OverviewThe Witness is an interesting game. I never played Braid, nor do I know much about it, so I came to this without zero knowledge of Jonathan Blow’s previous work. Whether that works for or against someone, I don’t know, but what I’ll say is The Witness is definitely an adventure.To start, I suck at puzzles. I played Sigils of Elohim, had my fiancé help with me most of them. My brain just doesn’t work like that. But from reading all the info on The Witness, I...

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    Fantastic puzzle game, nothing more. 0

    For all of its gorgeous visual wrapping paper and kind of pretentious presentation, The Witness is an amazingly engaging and intelligent puzzle game, nothing more. Not that it needs to be anything more, the game takes its very simple line-based puzzles as far as the concept can be stretched and is constantly fascinating. The puzzles are so smartly designed, filling the game with the kind of "fuck I'm a genius" moments you'd want from it. The puzzles are so inventive, that to describe them in too...

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    The Witness 0

    Epiphany accompanies the most seductive of illusions. -3 CorinthiansA very purified puzzle adventure game. Minimal narrative. You explore a lovely island in a free-roaming manner, and engage with deceptively simple maze puzzles. That's the one basic method of interaction with which to unlock doors, operate mechanisms, and otherwise make progress. Connections are made on multiple levels.If you get frustrated, I recommend perseverance. Take a break and come back later.For anyone who likes challeng...

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    The Witness: Another great puzzle game from the mind of Jonathan Blow 0

    If you want to be "rewarded" from completing puzzles turn back. A routine complaint I've seen of this game is that there is no reward for completing the puzzles, and in a sense that is correct. If you enjoy puzzles for there own sake this is a game for you.The puzzles, in essence, are incredibly simple. There is a starting and ending point on a panel. You must drag a line to the ending point. Puzzle complete. This, however, is quickly complicated with new caviots and rulesets which are never exp...

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    This game lives up to the hype 0

    The Witness is a rare breed; a game that makes you feel like an imbecile one moment then a genius the next, and for that reason I loved it.The thought and creativity in this game are unrivaled.I kind of hated the ending, not because of what it was, but for what it did to me, made me start thinking like a crazy person......

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

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