30% discount on Wonderful 101 for early EU Pikmin 3 buyers

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As revealed on the latest UK Nintendo Direct, Europeans who purchase Pikmin 3 on eShop during the period July 26-September 21 will get a 30% discount on the digital version of The Wonderful 101:

Pretty neat. I'm still getting physical copies of both though.

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Ah that would be tempting to me if it had come to the US but as it stands I will also stick with the physical versions as well.

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The cost of the digital download will be more than you pay for the retail version. In the UK, Pikmin 3 is available to pre-order from Amazon.co.uk at a price of £31.99. The Wonderful 101 is also available to pre-order at Amazon.co.uk at a price of£34.89.

Looking at the Wii U E-shop and their pricing for a lot of Wii U games, they will probably go for a price-point of £44.99 or higher. If they go for the lower price before discount, say £39.99 then take the 30% off W101 the total after discount will be *£67.98

*That is still slightly more than the disc based version with cool artwork and the added bonus of not eating at your small Wii U hard drive.

I don't think they will put them on the E-Shop for less than £44.99 before discount.

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