Would this game benefit from some hotkey type controls?

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I realize part of the appeal is the unique control layout, but I just bombed out of a level I know how to play through like a million times in a row, on account of my apparently less than stellar work trying to draw the hangglider, which isn’t even a main attack move.

This really sucks, as the game is fun as hell, and has a good sense of humor and comedic timing. I can live with difficulty, it’s just that frustration over controls is the WORST.

What I’m (pointlessly) suggesting is that it’d be nice to have some kind of icon-based/hotkey/scroll through way of choosing what to draw.

Man. Kind of riled up here.

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While it's not the most consistent system it works well enough most of the time and it never got confused with me drawing a triangle for the glider. The stick really is the way to go with this game. It's a shame that that's the most ideal way to play it, but it is.

I don't really know how you'd implement a hotkey. you'd be endlessly cycling through all of the powers ( there's nine or ten by the end I think.) at that point you might as well just look at the screen and draw what you want precisely.

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@gunstarred: Yeah, I don’t know why the glider’s giving me such a hard time, I can draw the rest just fine. How about a "GLIDER" button on the touchscreen, then? That’d be something. (I’m not actually suggesting they do this)

By the way, I tend to use the stick to draw with as well, just can’t operate both the left stick, face buttons AND a stylus. I guess maybe Kamiya has three hands.

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That would be like asking for hotkeys in Okami. It misses the point.

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@hailinel: Yeah, I know. *sighs* Just struggling to enjoy what's otherwise a fun game.

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