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The Worm in Paradise represented a significant technical advance over the previous games in the trilogy, using the third version of Level 9's development software.

This allowed the game to understand over a 1000 words and parse complex sentence constructions, but the more significant advance was the game engine now had a time system, leading to time-based events that required the player to be at particular locations at the right time in-game to solve puzzles.


Taking place over the course of seven days, and a century after the events of Return to Eden, the protagonist is no longer Kim Kimberly but an anonymous citizen of the domed, dystopian city of Enoch, the original but no longer only city on Eden.

There is no contact between the populations inside the domes and the world outside. The inhabitants fear what lies outside their walls due in part to the twisted history of the events of Return to Eden and mysterious sightings of flying saucers, leading to rumours of hostile alien life.

The game concerns the protagonists growing unease with the strange and seemingly benevolent society they find themselves in, which is both highly bureaucratic and dependent on robots to carry out most work. The government of the Third Kim while extorting no tax from it's idle populace, instead exists on draconian laws allowing it to survive on fines for even the most trivial of offences.

Eventually the player realises that the regime they exist in is truly corrupt and must attempt to overthrow it.


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