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The Wrangler is a weapon in Team Fortress 2. It was added in the Engineer Update. The Wrangler replaces the Engineer's pistol and is used to remote-control and protect an Engineer's sentry gun. Just point and shoot, left click for the guns, right click for the rockets (if available).


  • Engineers can use the Wrangler to take control and aim their sentry gun.
  • An Engineer-controlled sentry won't select a target by itself, like a normal Sentry Gun.
  • The Wrangler creates a shield that absorbs 66% of all incoming damage.
  • Gives a doubled firing rate. Also increases missile launch rate at level 3.
  • The sentry is inactive for three seconds after the Engineer switches away from the Wrangler.
  • A controlled sentry is able to shoot outside an automated sentry's range.

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