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    The Zachtronics Solitaire Collection

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Sep 06, 2022

    A collection of eight unique solitaire mini-games, most of which were originally mini-games in several of Zachtronics' other releases.

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    The Zachtronics Solitaire Collection is a mini-game collection developed and digitally published by Zachtronics for the PC, Mac, and Linux on September 6, 2022, with an iOS release on October 3, 2022 and an Android release on October 13, 2022.

    It includes seven mini-games from Zachtronics' previous titles, most of which are unique takes on classic single-player card solitaire. It also features a new, original variant that makes use of tarot cards in addition to standard playing cards.

    Game List

    The game includes eight mini-games, each ordered by their difficulty and complexity level.

    • Sawayama Solitaire (Last Call BBS) - Based on the card game Klondike. Any card or stack can be placed into empty columns, and a single open card can be held in an empty stock as a "free cell", although the stock deck can no longer be rebuilt from the waste.
    • Sigmar's Garden (Opus Magnum) - A tile-based game where you match pairs of "free" marbles (similar to mahjong solitaire) from a hexagonal board (with hexagonal tiles). Marbles are only free if three or more of their adjacent tiles are empty, and can only match based on specific combinations.
    • Proletariat's Patience (EXAPUNKS) - Based on the card game Klondike, using a Russian-style 36-card deck (with cards of values 2-5 removed), no stock deck, a nine-column tableau (with four cards each to start), and one "free cell". Players must form four completed stacks of numbered cards (descending order, alternating color) and four completed stacks of face cards of the same suit (which are now stacked by suit, rather by order and color).
    • Cribbage Solitaire (Möbius Front '83) - A single-player variation of the card game Cribbage. Players are given four columns of 13 cards each and must play cards from the tableau to the stack, aiming to earn special points to progress through the cribbage board.
    • Cluj Solitaire (MOLEK-SYNTEZ) - Based on the card game Klondike, using a Russian-style 36-card deck (with cards of values 2-5 removed), no stock deck, and a six-column tableau (with six cards each to start). Players must form four completed stacks, with the "alternating colors" rule no longer applying. To help with the difficulty, players can "cheat" by moving cards to invalid columns, although other cards cannot be played on them until they are moved back into a valid position.
    • Kabufuda Solitaire (Eliza) - Based on the card game Klondike, using a 40-card Japanese-style kabufuda deck, no stock deck, a eight-column tableau (with five cards each to start), and a certain amount of "free cells" (based on difficulty, from 1-4). Cards can only be moved on matching cards, and combining all four cards of the same type collapses them into "locked stacks" (which is moved into a free column to lock it down). Players must form 10 locked stacks.
    • Shenzhen Solitaire (Shenzhen I/O) - Based on the card game FreeCell, using a 40-card playing card deck inspired by mahjong tiles (with three colored suits from 1-9, four sets of three dragons, and one flower) and three "free cells". Cards can be stacked by alternating suits, rather than by color. When all four cards of a particular dragon are exposed, they can be permanently moved into an open free cell. A fourth cell is used for the flower tile.
    • Fortune's Foundation (original) - Based on the card game Fortress, Fortune's Foundation makes use of an additional 22 tarot cards (bringing the total number of cards to 74). It uses a tableau of 11 columns. Cards are stacked by suit in the same order, and only one card can be moved at a time. While "minor arcana" (playing card) foundations are the same, the "major arcana" (tarot cards) are built up from both sides (from 0 upwards and from 21 downwards). A card can be played on the minor arcana foundation as a "free cell" (although it prevents cards from being placed in it). It is the only game in the collection to include an "undo" feature (using a "scrying mirror" revert one move).

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