Is there anything here for me?

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#1 Posted by airules (138 posts) -

So I loved Elite Beat Agents (the euphoria of beating the hardest levels remain one of my greatest video game moments) and for that alone I'm pretty intrigued.
The problem though? I've NEVER played a final fantasy game.
No particular reason other than it never jumped out. I played and loved Chrono Trigger and have played other jrpgs but no Final Fantasy games.
Without the nostalgia for the music, is this still a good deal? Does the game stand up on its own? Will the music be entertaining the first time round?

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#2 Posted by Galiant (2237 posts) -

Was Elite Beat Agents all original songs? In that case you'll probably be fine.

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#3 Posted by TwoLines (3508 posts) -

Haven't played the game, but I know the music is cool. And it's not the rose tinted glasses talking here, it's a well known fact that Uematsu is a skilled composer.

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@airules: It will be tough appreciating the game since this is pretty much a love letter to the fans of the games and the music, but there is a hefty challenge. If you like midi tunes and orchestra then this might be right up your alley. However, I would suggest taking a look at another rhythm game that's coming out on 3DS called Rhythm Thief. That could probably scratch your rhythm game itch and the demo is currently up on the eShop.

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#5 Posted by Bane122 (964 posts) -

Well... I mean, did you watch the quick look? Shouldn't that tell you what you need to know? If it looked interesting despite your unfamiliarity with the music, give it a go. Not trying to be a dick but, I just don't really get what else we could tell you.

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I suppose the thing I'm least sure about is if the music is varied enough to be distinct and interesting for someone whose not been exposed to it.
The quick look was what has made me interested in the game at all.
Good shout on Rythym Thief Ace829. I'll Dow load the demo and give it a go :)

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#7 Posted by airules (138 posts) -

Rythym Thief's pretty cool. I like the way the stages have different inputs to keep it interesting. Reviews suggest it doesn't get very hard though. Might pick it up to blast through though

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#8 Posted by Turambar (7996 posts) -
@airules: There's a thread with the entire track list up.  Grab one or two from each game and go listen to the first 30 seconds on youtube.  That should answer your question.
Songs you should listen to: Decisive Battle, Clash on the Big Bridge, Blinded By Light.

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