The problem with Theatrhythm

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So I really dig this game. It is simple, yes, but I like hearing some of the classic tunes from my days as an avid JRPG whore. It's a charming game that always leaves me smiling. However, there is a major problem with the game and it is one I feel I have to address.

This game is actively trying to make me hate The Man With the Machine Gun.

You may know the song better as the song that plays in FF8 when Laguna and friends get into a battle. It's a better battle theme than the regular FF8 battle theme (in my opinion) and it probably is in my top ten Final Fantasy songs. And I guess Theatrhythm is a fucking mind reader because in Chaos Shrine I have managed to pull The Man With the Machine Gun as my BMS song an unprecedented seven times in a row. Are there even any other battle songs in the game? I dunno, because all I hear is The Man With the Machine Gun and as good as that song is, after hearing it for the seventh time in a row, you really start to hate it.

And so I have come to a conclusion. For as fanservicey and charming as this game is, the true point of Theatrhytym Final Fantasy is to make you hate the songs you once loved. Those crazy motherfuckers.

Anyone else suffering from Samesong-itis?

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I also got The Man with the Machine 3 times in a row before getting JENOVA as a BMS. Chaos Shrine from what I've read from multiple reviews, asks for a bit of patience before you find new songs. What I would like to know is if the new songs in Chaos Shrine playable in other modes, or do I always have to go through Chaos Shrine in order to play it again?

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I keep getting Mambo de Chocobo every other dark note ;_;

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Here's what sucks about the Chaos Shrine. There are only 20 songs there.

The two digits after Mv tell you which FMS and BMS will be in the note. And since it only goes form 00 to 99, that means it can only have 10 FMS and 10 BMS songs. It makes me sad and as soon as I realized that I stopped playing Dark Notes.

I mean, I grinded to get the characters I wanted (Minwu, Ashe, Sahntotto, Prishe, let's go), but after that it's all just Challenges. It's better that way.

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I fucking HATE that damn song in the Chaos Shrine. The note patterns don't make any fucking sense; it's infuriating. Other than that one nitpick, though, really enjoying the game.

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