Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Details Emerge, Fail to Justify Wholesale Butchering of the English Language

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#51 Posted by geirr (3308 posts) -

All in all, looks more fun than FF10-14.

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#52 Posted by Erotolepsy (29 posts) -

So, what, does Sun Ra do Squeenix's press releases now?
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#53 Posted by ARTB (36 posts) -

Cannot wait to check out this game. Yes I still love Final Fantasy which puts me in a large minority but I am always excited to see developers try something new and different.

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#54 Posted by bigdc666 (73 posts) -

About 15 years ago the name "Final Fantasy" triggered so much positive emotion for me. The anticipation, the months of reading preview after preview Playing through the entire series over and over. This truly was the greatest franchise in my gaming history. Now "final fantasy" Conjures other emotions.

My first thought when final fantasy XIII was released? Not the anticipation of old, or waiting all night long outside to get a copy as soon as the game store opened it was "that'll be the fastest numbered Final Fantasy game to hit twenty dollars." Seeing any game with the Final Fantasy name attached to it makes me sick.

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#55 Posted by cowdrunk (248 posts) -

Wow it's kinda like I never want to buy another SquareEnix game again

makes me sad I used to realy like both Square and Enix :(

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#56 Posted by Kontrapunkt (423 posts) -

I wanted to see dancing chocobo's  :(
I guess attacking to rhythm Lightning and Cloud will do? 
At least the soundtrack will rock!

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#57 Posted by abara (235 posts) -

The screen with the directional path definitely makes me think of Gitaroo Man

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#58 Posted by SaFt (567 posts) -
@Sil3n7 said:

@august said:

You can always tell if Alex wrote a headline.

That's exactly what I thought ha!

Same here!
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#59 Posted by Dixavd (2494 posts) -

Can someone tell me if the song featured from Final Fantasy X is "to Zanarkand" or the theme of zanarkand "A Fleeting Dream" because as far as I know there is no song called "At Zanarkand"? I love Final Fantasy X (It is not only my favourite Final Fantasy game but also my favourite game of all time) so the knowledge on which song it is would be much appreciated. 
I also feel that sicne they will likely haveat leats one character from each game even though it makes sense to bring Tidus from X Yuna would fit a musical-based game much better - I mean one of the main parts about her is her dancing to send the dead so that would make sense in a music miini-game-esque game.

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#60 Posted by Kirbichu54 (122 posts) -

In case people don't know, that art style is from a thing associated with Kingdom Hearts: Coded.

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#61 Posted by Levio (1953 posts) -

Why can't the forces of chaos ever be the good guys? I mean come on, chaos is a lot more fun than just law & order all the time...

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#62 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

@Levio said:

Why can't the forces of chaos ever be the good guys? I mean come on, chaos is a lot more fun than just law & order all the time...

Chaos is the final boss of Final Fantasy.

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#63 Posted by Fat_Magnum (70 posts) -

This story makes perfect Dissidia sense.  Which is to SAY that it makes perfect fanfiction sense. 
I'm such a FF fanboy that I don't care anyway. I'm a go write some Cosmos/Aerith yuri stories using words learned in biology class to describe steamy scenes.  
Lol, joking (or am I?) aside I am way into FF and don't mind their clever portmanteau (read:disgusting linguistic ravaging)

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#64 Posted by Devoid (438 posts) -

Oh, THAT'S what those character icons in Dissidia 012 were for.

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#65 Edited by vinsanityv22 (1066 posts) -

Y'know how the director of FFXIII-2 says that he and his team have actually tried to listen to feedback on Final Fantasy XIII? Square-Enix; if you're listening now, I BEG you: PLEASE stop letting Japanese people with no grasp of English create the names for your video games. Either name them in your native Japanese, or let Eidos (Square Europe?) handle the naming. I mean c'mon:
-Crisis Core
-358/2 Days
-Birth By Sleep
-3rd Birthday
-Dream Drop Distance
I mean c'mon: Final Fantasy TYPO!?! Not to mention, the sh*t in games like FFXIII such as l'cie or fal'cie. Jesus christ, your dumbsh*t is out of control You've crossed the line into "really godd*mn obnoxious" about 4 years ago, but no one dares call out the crazy nonsense bullsh*t of Tetsuya Nomura!
If you take anything away from fan feedback, please listen to everyone whose telling you your game names are all stupid. Really, really stupid. Unbelievably stupid. You'd have to be some sort of delusional, crazed otaku to support this kind of mad behavior.
The worst part is, this is coming from Jupiter (The World Ends with You) so it'll probably be quite good. And honestly, Elite Beat Agents + Final Fantasy is probably a winning formula, especially for a spinoff game. But it's so hard to actually bring out any non-negative feelings whenever I'm confronted with such a stupid name, or that absolutely retarded "premise" they whipped up to justify this thing. It's like if Nintendo wrote an epic plot to explain the Mario Party series away. It's beyond stupid; it's honestly a bit of a cry for help. That someone at Square actually THOUGHT that up, got paid to do this (not a great use of money...but not surprising from the company that lost $150 million last year), or that someone thought they needed it in the first place. Psycho.

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#66 Posted by Addfwyn (2009 posts) -

The game actually looks interesting to me, the music is one of the best parts of FF, the art is cute, and it has the Dissidia cast of FF characters thing going for it. It's not like this is taking away from the Versus team's development or anything. I'll probably be picking it up, but I'm not really into the anti-FF bandwagon that seems so popular lately. I like my FF, I like my rhythm games, sounds like a win to me.

And really, who cares about the name that much. It's a name. I'd play a game called Final Poop Frontier if the game was really good. Assuming that game hasn't been made already

@vinsanityv22: Not sure why the names bother you that much, it's just the name. 358/2 Days was pretty awkward, but the rest of those don't even seem that bad to me. Maybe it's a nuance of English I'm missing? I speak Japanese on a day to day basis, so maybe it's rubbed off on me, but is there some double offensive meaning for some of these titles or something?

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#67 Posted by TheKreep (84 posts) -
@august: By the involuntary smile :)
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#68 Posted by TheWesman (445 posts) -

I want to increase Rizpo. 

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#69 Posted by Faint (837 posts) -

And so SquareEnix continues to sink into a deeper hole, cutting the throat of their past great titles that captured alchemical and artistic visions for those of us looking for a different sort of adventure. A greater sort. SquareEnix never made the jump to this gen of games. Sad. Very, very sad.

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#70 Posted by RVonE (4993 posts) -

The 'story' sounds like something that came from Gary's mind for

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#71 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

@Faint said:

And so SquareEnix continues to sink into a deeper hole, cutting the throat of their past great titles that captured alchemical and artistic visions for those of us looking for a different sort of adventure. A greater sort. SquareEnix never made the jump to this gen of games. Sad. Very, very sad.


Dude, it's a rhythm game featuring Final Fantasy characters and tropes. Nothing more. What do you want?

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#72 Posted by Veektarius (6098 posts) -
@Seraphim84:  That works much better than my more literal reading.
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#73 Posted by knightlyknave (121 posts) -

I'd say "Oh no, they're going to drag the FF name through the mud" but, you know. . . it can't get any more soiled, so go ahead.

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#74 Posted by Capella (80 posts) -

First 3DS game announced that makes me want one of those things, honestly. I don't give a damn about the Final Fantasy brand name one way or another, but I have long desired to play a rhythm RPG and this could be it.

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#75 Posted by Nomin (1004 posts) -

I'd rather have Teatrhythm, of bouncing boobs. 

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#76 Posted by HeavyDuty32 (343 posts) -

While I assumed this was absurdly stupid, that second picture made me start thinking of Gitaroo Man, which unfortunately is making me actually think this game could be not completely worthless.

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