What level Dark Note should I be Street Passing?

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So SDCC is days away and there will be plenty of Street Passing going on. So of course, it leaves the question of what type of Dark Note would be best for me to be Street Passing?

I have managed to clear two No 99 Dark Notes and on the path I've got several in the 70+ range. It looks to me that the Movement # that is the unique identifier because I have ended up with two No 6 notes after clearing a No 99 and the No is mainly a sign of the difficulty and I guess potential rewards. And since they've all kind of blurred together for me, I'm not really attached to the content of the Dark Notes.

So what should I be picking? Should I be using my highest level missions to maximize the movement levels for others? (I figure I'll use a different Dark Note each day) But on the other hand, I HATE the new wrinkle the No 91+ Dark Notes introduce (rotating swipes) and I'm almost tempted to keep mine in the 80+ range.

Then again, I'm also going to be passing with people who probably aren't ready for the top level Dark Notes. I remember at one of the PAX Primes enjoying getting all those "awesome" maps in Dragon Quest 9, but since I was still working through the main quest, I was no where NEAR able to enjoy any of them. That is making me wonder if I should maybe pick from my 50's or even my 30's. So, what should I be picking?

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I know I'll be streetpassing a No. 99, Mv. 99 Dark Note as soon as I get the chance to. Of course, levelling all my characters up evenly is delaying this process.

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