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    The Hunter claims to be the most realistic hunting game online. The game client is free to download and you get to hunt Mule deer. To hunt more species tags may by purchased using microtransactions or you get unlimited tags with a membership.

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    • 6 Hunting reserves.
    • 4 animal types: Fowl, Bear, Deer, Boar and Fox.
    • 14 different species of animals.
    • Weapon and animal specific skills to level up.
    • 110 missions to complete.
    • Compete against other hunters in competitions to earn in-game trophies and / or em$.
    • 174 Achievements.
    • 8 Player Cooperative Mode


    New players may try The Hunter for free with a beginning hunt for Mule deer.
    New players may try The Hunter for free with a beginning hunt for Mule deer.

    The Hunter is a first person hunting simulator developed by Avalanche Studios released in 2009. The game's client is free to download and allows players to hunt mule deer. In order to hunt other species or acquire new weapons the game requires microtransactions. A significant portion of the game's interface takes place in the game's website (see "Links") which is a community portal for players to view their stats, acquire missions, enter tournaments, trade pictures with other hunters, and purchase new gear or hunting licenses.


    There are currently 2 memberships in The Hunter. Guest and Member. Guest is the free account and Member is the paid account.


    Guest is the account status that you receive when you sign up for the game, or when your "Member" status expires. As a guest, you have unlimited access to the hunting reserve of Logger's Point and unlimited access to mule deer licenses. You also have unlimited access to the fallowing items:

    • .243 single shot bolt action rifle
    • .243 ammo
    • 4X 32mm scope (Fits most bolt action rifles)
    • Deer "Bleat" Call
    • Basic olive and black clothing
    • 8X 42mm Binoculars
    • Digital Camera
    • Bust Through (HunterMate Minigame) Similar to Breakout

    As a guest you can buy any weapon in the game with the micro transaction currency of em$ and have unlimited access to it, but ammo is limited and you'll have to buy any and all ammo with em$. Another limit to being a guest is that you can only level your skills of weapon and animal specific to level 10. (The cap is raised to 20 for members.) You can also purchase limited time licenses for each animal in 1, 7 and 28 day intervals for varying amounts of em$ depending on the animal. When you purchase a license you'll gain access to all the hunting reserves that they are located in for the for the length of time that you own the license.

    If you don't own the licenses for the other animals that are available to hunt you can still see them, but you won't hear any of their calls find any of their tracks, nor will they be attracted to any of your calls / lures. If you spot an animal that you don't have a license to hunt you'll get an in game message from the NPC warden "Doc" stating that you don't have the proper license / membership to hunt the animal. If you attempt to shoot the animal, your weapon will automatically lower and you'll receive the same message.


    You become a member when you purchase at least a 3 month membership. Memberships are sold in 3 month intervals with 3 month costing $14.99 USD, 6 moths $26.99 USD and 1 year costing $44.99 USD. Membership status includes access to all animal licenses access to all 6 hunting reserves and unlimited basic (Non premium) ammo for all weapons that you own for the life of your membership status. The level cap for weapon and animal specific skills is also raised from 10 to 20.

    Membership bundles

    New members should look into the membership bundles to save you both time and money.

    "Wayfarer" Membership Bundle: ($19.99 USD)

    The "Wayfarer" bundle includes the following:

    • 3 month membership status
    • 12 GA Pump Action Shotgun (Wood)
    • .357 Revolver
    • Turkey Box Caller
    • Boone & Crockett Cap (B&C Camouflage)
    • Wind Indicator
    • Camping Supplies
    • 2x20mm Handgun Scope

    "Pathfinder" Membership Bundle (39.99 USD)

    The "Pathfinder" bundle includes everything from the "Wayfarer" bundle plus:

    • + 3 months membership status (6 months total)
    • .44 Revolver (Silver)
    • Compound Bow "Snakebite" (Camouflage)
    • Happy Camper Tent (Orange)
    • Backpack (Basic)
    • Basic Pants (Black/Gray)
    • Basic Jacket (Sneaky 3D Summer Forest Camouflage)
    • 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope

    "Trailrunner" membership bundle ($59.99 USD)

    The "Trailrunner" membership bundle includes everything from both the "Wayfarer" bundle, and the "Pathfinder" bundle plus:

    • + 6 months membership status (1 Year total)
    • .270 Bolt Action Rifle
    • .300 Bolt Action Rifle
    • .30-06 Lever Action Rifle
    • Compound Bow "Snakebite" (Camouflage)
    • Boone & Crockett Boots (B&C Camouflage)
    • Boone & Crockett Pants (B&C Camouflage)
    • Boone & Crockett Gloves (B&C Camouflage)
    • Boone & Crockett Jacket (B&C Camouflage)
    • Deer Grunt Call
    • Elk Bugle Caller


    There are currently 19 weapons in theHunter including:


    No Caption Provided
    • .223 Bolt Action (Two Color Variants)
    • .243 Bolt Action (Single shot)
    • .270 Bolt Action
    • .300 Bolt Action
    • .308 Anschütz 1780 D FL Bolt Action
    • .30-06 Lever Action
    • 8x57 IS Anschütz 1780 D FL Bolt Action
    • 9.3x62 Anschütz 1780 D FL Bolt Action


    No Caption Provided

    • 357 Revolver
    • .44 Revolver


    No Caption Provided

    • 12 GA Pump Action
    • 12 GA Side By Side
    • 12 GA Side By Side (Engraved)


    No Caption Provided

    • Compound Bow "Snakebite"
    • Compound Bow "Parker Python"
    • Recurve Bow
    • Tenpoint Carbon Fusion Crossbow


    • .50 Cap Lock Muzzleloader


    Official website:

    Official Facebook:

    Official Twitter:

    System Requirements

    • Intel Pentium 4 (3 Ghz)
    • 1 GB RAM
    • 256 MB Video card: Nvidia 7 Series (7600 or better), or ATI: X1800 (or better)

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