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    Their Finest Hour: The Battle of Britain

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released 1989

    Authentic WWII flight sim.

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    A flight simulator that takes place during WWII. It captures the real dag-a-dag flavour of WWII dogfighting! Be a pilot of authentic airplane or take up the role as a gunner.Their Finest Hour : Battle of Britain was developed by Lawrence Holland for LucasArts in 1989. George Lucas had been a fan of World War 2 movies since childhood, and the famous dogfight scenes in Star Wars were directly inspired by these films... even down to the gun turret in the Millenium Falcon... based on the B-17 Flying Fortress.  Based on the Battle of Britain during 1940, it gives you the chance to fly as a pilot of the RAF defending England or in the Luftwaffe as part of the preparations for invading England.  The action is really intens. Chunks of aircraft fall off as you hit them, you can see the flashes of strikes on the fuselages and wings - aircrew will jump for their lives using their parachutes while others aren't so lucky as their aircraft exploded in a ball of flame around them, while others suffer a slower longer fate as the aircraft spun down out of control in flames. The game also allows you to create several personalities and have them fly with you on combat missions. The best way to do this was go through all the single missions to give the pilot/crew combat experience flying them yourself, then let them fly in your squadron during a campaign - and if luck was with them, they will score kills, get promotions and medals. You also have the ability to save your kills on a gun camera, and the game also includes a mission builder, which is simple to use, but the missions you can create are far beyond anything you may get in the game generated campaign.  You can never be killed by enemy fire in this sim, even if your aircraft were being blown to pieces - the only way for you to die is to physically crash into the ground or sea. Also, your parachute is fail safe and always opens, no matter how high or low you are!  Another funny thing, when your aircraft goes out of control through too much battle damage, you will always spin to the right. You can do belly landings, both on land and sea, which is useful. The combat damage to your aircraft is inflicted on either the airframe or the engine(s). The engines are very slow in throttle response - they measured from 0 to 100 percent power, and you have to tap the key for each percent you want to go up or down, there is no snap commands to full or idle power! "

    The aircraft available are :

    • Spitfire MkI
    • Spitfire MkII
    • Hurricane Mk1
    • Me-109E-4
    • Me-109E-4B
    • Me-110C-4
    • Me-110C-4B
    • Ju-87B-1
    • Ju-87B-2
    • He-111
    • Ju-88A1
    • Do-17Z.


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