Struck With Nostalgia I Stayed Up Until 2AM

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Sunday afternoon and I was getting pretty angry with Alone In The Dark: Inferno. I've been using this sparse release period to catch up on some of last year's games that I wanted to play but didn't for various reasons. £12.99 later I got Alone In The Dark: Inferno, a clever game that ultimately fails under the weight of its own innovations. So alas, pissed off with that games horrendous difficulty spikes, I thought I'd treat myself to that Theme Hospital that's been filling the Playstation Store. I've never played the PSone version of the game, I proposed it would be a terrible port of a game that I remember so fondly from my earlier gaming days. Interestingly Theme Park and Theme Hospital are about the only two strategy games I can tolerate and understand.

I short download from the Playstation Store, I was in business with my Theme Hospital download and had a quick test run on the PS3. Interestingly it was as remembered and the PSone version controls surprisingly well. A short tutorial later reminding me of the mechanics and I turned off. This was a game I need copied to my PSP ready for car rides/late night bed-time sessions with the headphones.

With the game copied to my PSP I returned to Alone In The Dark Inferno.

Many hours later, bed time. I hop into bed, plug in my headphones and pump up the PSP. Time for some Theme Hospital. I'm getting into bed about 10:30PMish -- didn't fancy a late one. Shouldn't have loaded up Theme Hospital. I'm curing patients, balancing the books and trying to find a way to position radiators that won't result in my patients being cold (I swear, they're always cold in Theme Hospital). I hit level 4 and check the time -- 2:11AM; so much for an early night eh?

The morals of this story: a) Theme Hospital still rocks; b) the PSone version is surprisingly very good; c) copying PSone games to the PSP is the best invention ever; d) sometimes nostalgia lasts longer than five minutes. In this case, nearly 4 hours.

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I never played the PS1 version (didnt even know it existed), but I remember the PC version sucking hours upon hours of life. Although if you think 2am is bad, I still remember civilisation 2 tricking me into playing till 5.30am, back in the days of olde.

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Theme Hospital and Theme Park were amazing games. More people need to play those game.

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It's most interesting to me that I detest the genres both games are categorised under. Maybe that's because I don't give them enough time, but with Theme Park and Theme Hospital, it just clicked straight away the first time I played them. I'm so glad I can have a portable copy now. It's just awesome.

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Installed this the other day, wow holds up with using awesome gameplay

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I completely forgot about theme hospital. I played the shit out of that game on PC back in the day, plan on getting a PS3 after christmas. Awesome.

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I played Theme Hospital's demo back when it was first released, but I didn't get far enough into it to know how well it worked.  Is it just that they have a good system that helps differentiate the game from others of a similar type?  The theme is refreshing, certainly. 

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I've never tried out Theme Hospital before but you've piqued my interest. I may hafta try it out :D

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Hmm. You'd probably like RollerCoaster Tycoon. Give that a go (on PC).

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I love Theme Park, never played Hospital.

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