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    A game still in very early development phases by Track7. It will include Greek mythology with modern day environments and characters.

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    Andronicos is a man with a strong will against superstition and the paranormal. He has worked the past 5 years proving the paranormal as just drunken fantasies and stories made up by lunatics. One day he gets a call from his adopted step sister, Pheve, that their stepfather, Costas,  is missing and presumably dead as well. So Andronicos goes high to the tops of the Greek mountains, a place of his childhood, in reverence for his stepfather to bury an empty coffin and to be reunited with his stepsister. What he doesn't know, is that every decision he makes brings him and Pheve that much closer to what Destiny has in store for them. As the disappearance of their stepfather emerges the greatest conflict between good and evil, with the spoils of victory be the future for our world.

    Traveling from treasure ridden caves of the past, to places that were once thought to be only myth, Andronicos and Pheve slowly uncover a grave ancient conspiracy that was kept quiet in the shadows of murder. But what they discover may only be the tip of the iceberg as there is an abeyant unknown power, waiting until light is shed upon it, restoring it to where it belongs, amidst the people.

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