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    A legendary King of Athens and a son of of Poseidon. He is an important figure in Greek Mythology.

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    Theseus is a figure of Greek mythology credited with the founding of Athens. He has two fathers, Poseidon and Aegeus; both of whom had had made love with his mother, Aethra, in the same evening. Theseus is an important figure in a number of myths, and is said to have performed such feats as exploring a labyrinth to defeat the minotaur within.

    God of War series

    Theseus serves the Sisters of Fate as the 'Horse Keeper' and keeps the key to the chapels on the backs of the Steeds of Time. Kratos offers Theseus's life in exchange for the key he possesses for the door, but Theseus challenges Kratos to a duel to the death to prevent him from taking control of the horses. He ends up losing his duel to Kratos, who brutally kills him.


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