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    Thief: Deadly Shadows

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released May 25, 2004

    Thief: Deadly Shadows is the third game in the Thief Franchise. It continues the exploits of series protagonist and master thief, Garrett, in a fantasy world that merges elements of the late medieval era with the Victorian age.

    sin4profit's Thief: Deadly Shadows (PC) review

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    burn out sets in

    Having played the first two thief games, and loving them as much as i did ( ...even contemplated -gasps- writing fan fiction inspired by the first game), there just seemed to be something missing in this iteration. If you look at the games side by side this game defiantly looks far superior to the other two and really it plays just about the same but for some reason falls short for me. Don't get me wrong, i enjoyed it and all but half way through i "shelved" it for a long while before getting back in and finishing it up.

    It's debatable as to whether it was the content on the game or whether the stealth gameplay is wearing thin on me at this point. What was once a new and suspenseful experience is just becoming a painfully slow crawl.

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      Thief 3: Deadly Shadows is easily one of my favourite games. I take an immediate liking towards atmospheric titles with unlikely heroes and engrossing stories, and this is no exception.As the series' protagonist, Garrett, you are a master thief. This is a great starting point: your primary duties involve sneaking around at night, pilfering valuable items that can be sold to a fence whilst completing story objectives for one of Thief's primary factions (the zealous Hammerites, the bookish Keepers...

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      Staying true to the series, this 3rd game is certainly enjoyable. 0

      Ion Storm's new game that was released May 25 of 2004 has definitely made a lot of old Thief fans happy. This new addition to the series has definitely improved Ion Storm's pride since their dismal output of Deus Ex: Invisible Wars.Definitely following along the lines of the first two thief games being Thief: The Dark Project, and Thief 2: The Metal Age, Deadly Shadows (DS) adds to the story right where the Thief 2 left off. Many fans were spectacle of Ion Storm gaining the rights to the franchi...

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