30 Flights out for Kickstarter Backers

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#1 Posted by Kentobi (108 posts) -

As a backer, I downloaded and played 30 Flights today. Anyone else played through it yet?

I think it's pretty good, though I prefer Gravity Bone. I really appreciated Gravity Bone's 'tricks' into making the game appear to be something that it wasn't. 30 Flights was certainly much more of a walk-straight-ahead-and-look-at-stuff kinda thing. Also, he kinda hits what I assume to be a metaphor pretty heavy at the end, though I don't really get how it fits in.

Also, are the technical glitches near the end happening for anyone else? For fear of spoilers, I won't mention exactly what, but there are a few parts near the end that feel pretty busted. Maybe that's just part of it.

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#2 Posted by ThatFrood (3471 posts) -

I played through it and I gotta say I really liked it. It's different from Gravity Bone for sure, but in ways I can appreciate in addition to it. Chris Remo also did a fantastic job with the music, that stuff is rad. 
30 Flights is definitely more like that last part of Gravity Bone than it is the beginning parts of Gravity Bone, but I still think it's really successful in what it does. 
Also, Goldblum mode almost put me in tears the first time I turned it on after beating the game.

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#3 Posted by NateDestruction (42 posts) -

I really enjoyed what 30 Flights was trying to do with the narrative but the sudden jumps to other areas of the map made me feel that I wasn't playing the game "right" and that it was trying to correct me. However what 30 Flights did retain from Gravity Bone was to tell a complete story w/o the need of any real dialogue or exposition.

Trying to piece the story together has proven difficult though, at the end of the game (no spoilers) it refers to 30 Flights as the 7th Citizen Abel Game. I'm currently playing through Citizen Abel 1 to 4 which makes Gravity Bone Citizen Abel 5, so where's 6?

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