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15 Minutes of Story 0

So, I've been a fan of Blendo Game's stuff in the past. I have put an absurd amount of hours into Atom Zombie Smash, and enjoyed my time in Flotilla. I more recently discovered that another Blendo Game, Gravity Bone, was available on free from the studio's website, and after playing it, decided to throw down the $5 to play Thirty Flights of Loving.I'm not sure it was worth it.First thing's first: 30 Flights is really short. I played through the game once normally and again with "developer comme...

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Cute and Nice 0

After hearing an inordinate amount of gush for this game from many different sources; I picked this game up to see it for myself.First off, this "game" is extremely short, I played through it twice, played the develop commentary and played Gravity Bone which comes packed in with the game; all this took less than an hour, I knew coming in to expect a short experience, but I was still taken by surprise by just how incredibly short it is.Gameplay; none to speak of, this is pure story, again, most p...

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Raises some neat thoughts but doesn't deliver on anything 0

I bought into a Steam sale to play this since I had heard a lot about Thirty Flights of Loving from game journalists all over. It has an 88/100 metacritic score currently, which I absolutely do not understand, as I don't know how you could recommend this to anyone (maybe potential game designers?). I am mad that I wasted an hour on TFOL and Gravity Bone. I read the developer commentary (essentially another run through the game) to see if I missed anything, but nothing was missed.One of the big t...

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Short story 0

So long as you go in with the knowledge that this is a first-person short story, you'll enjoy it. The game is only 15 minutes long at most, but I believe that for that time the story is more enjoyable than many much longer games. The prequel, Gravity Bone is free so I recommend playing that first to decide whether you should spend your money on this one. Both games are Blendo Games triumphs and I look forward to more like this from the developer....

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