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    Thomas Rogan

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    One of the top agents in the AMS. Thomas Rogan and his partner G survived the Curien Mansion incident in House of the Dead.

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    The House of the Dead
    Rogan arrives at the Curien Mansion
    Rogan arrives at the Curien Mansion
    After a call from his fiancée, Sophie Richards, Rogan and his partner G head to the Curien mansion to rescue her and investigate a series of disappearances. Once they arrive, Rogan and G encounter several zombies and larger creatures created by Dr. Curien. After fighting their way through the mansion, Rogan and G encounter Dr. Curien himself who unveils to them his greatest creation, The Magician (Type 0). The Magician kills Dr. Curien and attempts to escape the mansion but is stopped by Rogan and G. After defeating The Magician gives the two this warning, "You haven't seen anything yet!" Rogan and G both leave the mansion at the end of the game.
    Rogan is controlled by Player 1 throughout the entire game.

    The House of the Dead 2

    Rogan makes a brief cameo in the "Good Ending" of The House of the Dead 2.

    The House of the Dead III
    Rogan's career after the Curien mansion incident continued to be marked with his courage and excellent judgment. After the AMS disbanded, Rogan gathered his team of trained commandos to investigate the EFI research facility, which was linked to the collapse of civilization. During the raid on the building, many of his comrades were killed by zombies and he is taken hostage by Daniel Curien. Two weeks later he is reunited with his daughter Lisa and his old partner G. In the game's normal ending Rogan, Lisa, G, and Daniel leave the EFI facility.
    Rogan is only controlled by Player 1 in the game's prologue.

    House of the Dead (Film)
    At the end of Uwe Boll's 2003 film, House of the Dead, an AMS labeled helicopter lands on the island carrying several trained soldiers as well as Agents Rogan and G. Rogan is played by Adam Harrington.

    Adam Harrington as Rogan
    Adam Harrington as Rogan


    The Typing of the Dead

    Agent Rogan makes a special cameo appearance in this game as a computer-controlled opponent/partner AI for the special "Against AI" mode. The characters in the mode have tiered difficulty, with Rogan being the hardest in the game.

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