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    Thorney Towers

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    Thorney Towers is where most of Psychonauts takes place. It used to be an active mental asylum before the patients were abandoned.

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    Thorney Towers is an abandoned asylum for the mentally ill. This area holds most of the levels in the game Psychonauts, in the form of the psyches of the patients. The patients include:

    Thorney Towers cast
    Thorney Towers cast

    Boyd Cooper: A deranged conspiracy nut who guards the gate.
    Gloria Von Gouton: A failed actress who suffers from severe mood swings.
    Edgar Teglee: A painter who is obsessed with bullfights.
    Fred Bonaparte: A previous doctor here who went insane after losing a boardgame repeatedly to a patient. He thinks he is Napoleon Bonaparte, his ancestor.

    The Asylum is also inhabited by Dr Loboto and his assistants Crispin, the patient who drove Fred insane, and Sheegor, a female hunchback of some sort.

    The rest of the asylum is in a state of disrepair, with holes in the walls, broken and twisted stairs, and protruding scaffolding and building supports. The brains of the children at Whispering Rock Summer Camp are hidden throughout the asylum. At the very top of the tower is the evil lab of Dr Loboto, the brain-removing dentist. This is where he is using children's brains to build Brain Tanks of Doom.

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