THQ To Support 360 & PS3's Motion Controllers From Day One

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Interviewed by GamesIndustry.Biz, Danny Bilson, responsible for THQ games for gamers, has indicated his company's intention to support the PlayStation 'Wand' Project and the 360's "Project Natal" from day one.

Bilson explained that the two technologies are very useful to him and he plans to make some beautiful games with both. He also does not attempt to hide the fact first games using the devices will most likely be small budget affairs, but said that the situation could quickly change as the technology is spreads to the general public. He also raised his thoughts on what some of the issues developing for three motion contollers may pose to them.

Q: And what's you first impressions of the motion control systems that the format holders are putting a lot of time and effort into, for 360 and PS3?

Danny Bilson: We'll be there at launch with some very friendly titles for the first audience who will adopt that stuff, which is families. I'm really familiar with both of them. We do have one IP that we're investigating, can we move into those platforms with that technology? We're just playing around with it. The technology is really excellent, for both Xbox 360 and PS3, so now it's all about the creative versus the business model. What's the installed base like and how much can I spend against those?

Of course at first you'll see games that cost less money, but as the installed base grows we'll do more robust stuff. It's really cool hardware and if it brings in and extends the audience on those platforms then that's very cool, that's what we want it to do. We'll be there. We're not going to just port stuff over, each one of those platforms needs a lot of design love. The same way we would treat Drawn to Life on Wii, we would treat similar games on those systems. It's about how can we best use Project Natal and how can we best use the Sony controller. We have this stuff at the studios, we've had it for a while.

Q: You've said you've solved the problems of developing on the three different consoles, but now you've got three different motion controls on the market – do you see issues there?

Danny Bilson: We've already moved beyond the porting issues of the past. We don't want to make a game worse when it appears on another platform. We want to make it better with a better controller experience. Porting becomes more difficult, but designing for the specialised hardware is fine, it's just finding ways to monetise that. But I don't want to just splay stuff across because people will only play it once and not bother again. It's got to be a great Natal game, or a great Sony game, or a great Wii game. Consumers are smart, they won't be fooled by that.

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