Tidbits From Today’s Unhappy THQ Earning Call

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#151 Posted by Troglodyte (3 posts) -

I'm incredibly nervous that Relic will get dragged down with THQ, as they're a wholly-owned studio. If we don't get Company of Heroes 2 due to uDraw it'll be a tragedy.

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#152 Posted by Nerolus (278 posts) -

I had no idea what a uDraw tablet was until I read this, and I'm on the internet all day, every day.

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#153 Posted by viking_funeral (2754 posts) -

Some good news and some bad news. As long as THQ can remain around to turn out more Saints Row and maybe build on Metro while still trying out new ideas to create possible new franchises, I'll be happy.

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#154 Posted by deactivated-58f9a027d9bbc (379 posts) -

uDraw is an addition to wii assume you have kids who wanna draw and play stuffs on it, but putting them on 360/PS3 is just dumb.

not sure if it's planned for PC too or not, but if THQ did plan it for PC. It's even dumber since that territory is pretty much Wacom monopoly...

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