Where do you see THQ's IP's going in case they go under?

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With the rumors that they dropped all development to their 2014 line up, and the latest news of NASDAQ threatening to delist them THQ aren't looking in a very good shape. While this might all blow over just like with the whole EA/2K hostile buyout a few years ago there also a big chance that by this time next year there won't be a THQ. In case that happens where do you think their ip's end up.

For me I see this scenario:

EA takes their WWE licensing with upcoming Warhammer 40,000 MMO, seeing how they already have the Warhammer MMO. In this case I see them positioning it as a successor to their Warhammer Online MMO.

Activision might try gunning for their Fronlines/Homefront IP in order to have another military FPS with COD. inSANE also end up with Activision and is handed off to Sledgehammer Games. Also, there's a strong possibility that the UFC licensing end up with them.

Take 2 will end up with the Metro and Darksiders franchises.

There's a third possibility that one of those companies will buy them lock, stock. In this case which publisher do feel has the best chance to end up buying them? Personally, and I don't why, I feel Take 2 seems like the likely owner.

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