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    Three Dirty Dwarves

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released 1995

    Three Dirty Dwarves is a 1-3 player action game made by Appaloosa Interactive available for the Sega Saturn and PC.

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    Three Dirty Dwarves is a side scrolling 2d action game for the Sega Saturn and PC, developed by Appaloosa Interactive in 1996. You play up three different characters at once - Greg, Taconic, and Corthog. Each dwarve has their own special weapon, and can be switched out on the fly.  The three dwarves as summoned by a group of kids that are kidnapped while playing Dungeons & Dragons. 


    Your choice of characters.  
    Your choice of characters.  
    You can play as one of three dwarves: Greg, Taconic, and Corthog. You can switch each character out, or you can play all three at the same time co-op. Each dwarve has a unique weapon: a shotgun, baseball bat and baseballs, and a bowling ball and bowling pins. You fight unique enemies, such as a moving house with moving arms that throws objects at you. There are D&D dice in that game that give you powerups.  
    Each time a dwarve gets hit, they will be knocked unconscious and will have to be waken up by another dwarve before they can continue. There is no health system in the game, but if all three dwarves get knocked out it's game over.  
    There are three different difficulty levels, and each difficulty determines how many levels you play through. 

    Minimum Requirements

    Windows 95
    75 MHzPentium processor
    16MB RAM
    256 color SVGA
    2x CD-ROM drive
    10MB available hard drive space
    16 bit audio (Sound Blaster 16 or compatible)
    Keyboard, gamepad, joystick or mouse    


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