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    Three Kingdoms Era

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    A turbulent period of Chinese history following the fall of the Han Dynasty. Although it officially began in AD 220 with the founding of the kingdom of Wei, its starting point is often considered the Yellow Turban Rebellion that began in AD 184.

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    The Three Kingdoms Era of China was a period that followed the decline of the Han Dynasty. It began in AD 220 with the founding of the nation of Wei and lasted until AD 280, when Wei conquered Wu, reuniting all of China under the banner of the Jin Dynasty. The era got its unofficial start in 184, when the Yellow Turban Rebellion triggered events that would have lasting effects on China's political and military landscape.

    The classic historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms by Lo Kuan-chung narrates an at-times fantastic version of the era's events, mixing in tales of spirits and mysticism with accounts of the era's frequent military engagements and political maneuvering. The novel has been used as a basis of numerous video games; most notably Koei's Romance of the Three Kingdoms strategy game series and the Dynasty Warriors series of hack-and-slash action titles.


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