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You play as a character named Koichi Sanada. Before the start of the game your father was the head of a major company until a rival drives him to commit suicide. After his death you mother tries to keep the family together but she soon dies. You and your older brother, Eiichi, are forced to live in separate homes. One day after so many years he comes back into your life. He is a business man and says he found out who it was that caused all your problems, a man named Shoji Okamura. Your brother wants revenge and wants you to help. After some time your brother has caused Shoji to run from his family, his three daughters. You have been placed in the same school they go to and have befriended them. Your brother soon tells you the next part of his revenge plan involves the sisters. But there is a problem, you have fallen in love with one of them and now you are conflicted as to either protect them or stay true to your brother. 


The game play is standard adult bishoujo played out in a "visual novel" way. The game gives you options on screen like LOOK, TALK, THINK. You use these to make the story progress. The game has several endings (one good ending, the rest bad or instant game over)   


  • Koichi Sanada - This is the player's character. His face is never seen. He feels that he must protect the sisters from his brothers evil plan.

  • Eiichi Sanada - Your older brother. The years he spent after your parents death are a mystery but he now seems to run a business. He is the master mind behind this whole revenge plot.

  • Shoji Okamura - The father of the three sisters who left before the game begins. Eiichi has run him out of business and has him on the run. He is never seen in game.

  • Yuki Okamura - The oldest sister. After her father left she had to drop out of university and start working to take care of her sisters. She is very kind and motherly to you.

  • Emi Okamura - The middle sister and your main love intrest. She is your girlfriend. She is very moody and tends to hit you but at times she is nice to you.

  • Risa Okamura - The youngest of the three sisters. She speaks in the third person a lot. A bit immature and has a crush on you. In the game she seems to be having some problems in school.  

  • Keiko-sensei - Your teacher. Later in the game you find out she has something going on with your brother
  • Junko-sensei - The school nurse. She gives you a side quest that is optional. Completing these quest will reward the player with sex scene

  • Kumi Akimoto - One of the nurse's side quest. She is a freshman gymanst who has a problem preforming in front of men. 
  •  Chie Makino - Another of the nurse's side quest. A shy, introverted girl who likes to read. She has had some trama in her past that makes her not talk with people, mainly men. 

  • Yuko Uchimura - Third of the nurse's side quest. She is the captain of the track team and a total bitch to them. Her mean nature is causeing the other girls on the track team to think about quiting the team.

  • Chisato Fujimura - The last nurse side quest. A model student who has stopped coming to school. The nurse has heard some rumors that Chisato has been moonlighting at a telephone sex club.

  • Mana - An older lady who works at a Lingerie Pub. She takes a liking to you and helps you out several times through out the story

  • Aki - A mystery woman you spot with your brother at times. You find out more about what her link is to him.

  • Akiko - A security guard at your brothers company who blocks your way at the end.
  • Yumi - An extra character who has no real point to the story. She is just a extra sex scene.

Endings (SPOILERS!)

The game has several endings. The one "true" ending involves stopping your brother, saving the sisters and at the end telling your true feelings for Emi, ending with a sex scene. The other "bad" endings include: 
  • Getting shot by your brother
  • Getting beaten to death by a evil secruity guard
  • Getting murdered by a girl you rape
  • Causing a girl to kill herself after raping her
  • Knocking up one of the girls for the nurse's side mission
  • Having sex with one or both of Emi's sisters.
  • Causing Mana to not trust you, thus not helping you get info at the end. 




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