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Race through traffic while attempting to avoid other cars as well as occasionally being chased by the police as you race to the finish line. Choosing a track location of either U.S.A, Europe or Japan, as well as weather condtions or racing at night, and then you choose your vehicle (or one of the secret cars).

There are a number of shops which when you drive by them (through their drive throughs) for which you will be given a bonus. The car dealership will change your car for another randomly selected vehicle. The repair factory will restore any damage done to your car. he parts shop will give your car an upgrade modification. The garage will give you extra fuel, which just gives you more time on the clock.

Also, the actual seats you sit in include seat belts, and when you get into an accident you will feel the jolt of the impact in the real world.

Of course the winner is whoever gets to the finish line the fastest, but at the end of the game you are a shown the amount (in money) of how much damage you caused, as well as an assessment chart of your driving abilities, along with a letter grade. If you are among the drivers to have caused the highest financial toll in accidents, you can ad your name to the infamous leader board.

If as you race along you get into a major accident the game will "scream", the windshield will crack and you will be shown a replay of your accident before being reset to the place where you accident took place to continue the race.

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