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Racing Tetris blocks

ThruSpace is somewhat innovative puzzle game for Wiiware platform. I am using word somewhat here since game uses Tetris blocks. Which hardly is original. Also the puzzle description can only be used loosely here. The main idea of the game is to control one Tetris block (or a Keydrons as its called here) through a set of walls. Each wall has a specific shaped hole which the block must be guided through. The Keydron can be rotated freely in every possible way. Keydrons casts a shadow on the wall showing if it can go through or not. This shadow and the rotation must be used to fill out the hole pattern. Player can just race through the walls by making smallest shape possible. Or blocks can be rotated to fill out the hole pattern to gain multiplier points. Depending on the rotation different combo multipliers are used. Unfortunately this comes pretty much useless after few Keydron levels. Simply because the time limit is so strict that player simple has no time to make combos. In the end making the main game mode to be a racer rather than puzzle game. Which is kind of shame because this is not really fun. For player to score better one can of course memorize the walls which doesn't sound too tempting.

The two other game modes are: A skill mode where a single combo must be done on each wall for game to continue. A boss wall (yes?!) comes up every ten wall or so where the whole pattern/hole must be filled with the shadow for next level to open and game to continue. Patterns naturally coming more complex as the games goes on. Limitless mode as the name implies player can play the game without this horrible annoying time limit. It is not completely limitless though since you are given four lives.

Presentation is what one would except from a Wiiware puzzle game. Simple, in short. In more detail the levels are plain different colored tubes where the Keydron travels. Game borrow slightly from Portal's sterile looking esthetics. On the sound front there is not really much going on. Other than the end level chimes and odd minimalist background track.

Major hook in the game no doubt is the online scoreboard, where player can upload best times and scores. Nice addition no doubt although for such specific platform and game style I couldn't ever imagine using that function. ThruSpace is not a completely wash-out. Game idea is neat, although the time limit pretty much kills the main game mode. The two remaining in other hand are so much easier and actual work well as a casual light puzzle action. Still wouldn't necessary want to recommend this to anyone since there are more solid casual puzzles from companies like Popcap. Although for those who are after more Tetris block action in different setting the few hours this title gives is not absolutely horrible.

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