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    Thumb Drift

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Feb 17, 2016

    A mobile racer where players drift around an endless number of corners with the slide of their thumb.

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    Game play consists solely of drifting at high speeds around tight corners while avoiding obstacles, collecting coins, and driving as far as possible without crashing. By collecting coins, players can unlock a random vehicle. Alternatively, free cars are given once an on screen timer expires.


    • Gymkhana
    • Forest Road
    • Luminocity
    • Ice Road


    • Tofu Drifter
    • Turbo Bee
    • Hellcat
    • NSXT
    • Rowdy GR8
    • Ladybug
    • Kovacik's BFD
    • Lotos, White Lotos
    • The Mango Mobile
    • Rally 80Six
    • Shockin Blown V8
    • Red Is Faster
    • Shamrocker
    • Mr Stripey
    • Super Mustard EX
    • Outatime
    • The Blue Eagle
    • Boastin' Powers
    • Wasp Drifter
    • Iscream
    • Onemoreline 2000
    • Rad Rex V8
    • "Phil"
    • Rotary Experiment 7
    • Coop
    • The Evolution
    • 180 XXX
    • Zengtr
    • Formula 8Bit
    • The Five-O
    • R Series Gramps
    • Subzero WreckX
    • The Sherminator
    • Green Peace
    • Vegas GT
    • Drifty Thumb
    • Dune Buggy
    • Inbound Racer
    • Not Crazy Taxi
    • Bulletproof Continuum
    • Piggy Bank Vehicle (Coin Doubler)

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