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    Thurgadin is the home city of the Coldain dwarves of Velious.

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    Thurgadin Exchange
    Thurgadin Exchange

    Thurgadin is where the Coldain dwarves of Velious make their home. These dwarves are tolerant of all other races upon their first visit to the icy continent, so long as they have not killed any of their brothers and sisters on their way to the city. Those who maintain the trust of the Coldain will quickly learn that the city's people are some of the most skilled craftsmen found anywhere in the world. The Coldain offer many supplies to the influx of new adventurers to the region, but also speak of great relics and rare weapons that can be obtained through various tasks, usually involving the detriment of the frost giants of Kael. The city itself is built with an obvious defensive strategy. For starters, the entrance is hidden behind a massive waterfall in the Great Divide. Secondly, once inside, there is the large, slippery Breakstone Bridge that spans over a deadly pit. Lining the walls along the bridge are "murder holes" where Coldain archers keep a watchful eye on any entering their home. Thirdly, the city streets consist of narrow passages with short ceilings, ideal for the dwarves, but not so much for anyone taller than a human.

    Church District
    Church District

    Beneath the city are caverns known as the Hall of Ancestors where Coldain heroes are buried within the ice. Near the entrance to Icewell Keep is a large room known as Rememberance Park, which features several statues of the greatest of the Coldain heroes including Colin Dain, shown battling a giant, and Glight Snowchipper, shown sacrificing himself to halt the frost giant's advance on Froststone. The west wing of the city is known as the Church District and is devoted to the Duke of Below, Brell Serilis. The clerics and paladins here maintain the Temple of Lore, which chronicles the history of their people. Each priest is tasked with memorizing a chapter of their history in order to ensure that even if the ancient scrolls are destroyed or lost, that their people will not be forgotten. And while the Coldain have many differences when compared to their Kaladim cousins, visitors will be pleased to find a tavern around almost every corner of town.

    Neighboring Zones


    • Coldain
    • Dain Frostreaver IV

    Commerce & Tradeskills

    ShopGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
    Agar's Adventuring SuppliesBags, Coffins
    Argash's House of CarpentryFletching
    The Broken GlacierAlcoholBrewing
    Doogle's DrinksAlcohol
    Frostbeard's Furs & LeatherCloth Armor, Leather ArmorTailoring
    Garish's BootsBoots
    The Holy HarbingerAlcohol
    The Icy MugAlcoholBrewing
    Mordin's MeatsFood, Water, General Supplies
    The Scars EdgeWeaponsSmithing
    Temple of BrellCleric Spells, Paladin Spells, Weapons, General Supplies
    Thurgadin ExchangeBankPottery, Tailoring,
    Baking, Alchemy
    Pottery Wheel,
    Thurgadin JewelersJewelry
    Thurgadin Mining CompanyRogue SuppliesPoison, Smithing
    Thurgadin PotionsPotions
    Underbelly ArmsPlate Armor, Chain Armor, ShieldsForge
    The Velium KegAlcoholBrewing, TailoringBrew Barrel

    Guild Halls

    Temple of BrellClerics, PaladinsLoremaster BoranninBrell Serilis
    Thurgadin Mining CompanyRoguesNargl Stonecutter


    Notable NPCs

    • Battlepriest Daragor [Paladin]
    • Captain Njall [Warrior]
    • Cobi Frostbeard [Druid]
    • Dalgrim Underbelly [Shadow Knight]
    • Foreman Felspar [Rogue]
    • Gage
    • Glatigi [Berserker]
    • Grand Historian Thoridain
    • Kyla Frostbeard [Magician]
    • Leifur [Bard]
    • Lorekeeper Brita [Enchanter]
    • Lorekeeper Einar [Monk]
    • Lorekeeper Zorik [Necromancer]
    • Loremaster Dorinan [Cleric]
    • Mauren Frostbeard [Wizard]
    • Mort
    • Pearce Icefang [Beastlord]
    • Petcas Coldbeard
    • Pythic Urson
    • Terman Underbelly [Shaman]
    • Zrelik the Scout

    Notable Items

    • Beguiler's Slippers
    • Bracers of Hidden Rites
    • Braided Beard of the Coldain
    • Champion's Armor
    • Cloth Coldain Prayer Shawl
    • Grand Master's Headband
    • Rowyl's Nature Armor
    • Runecrafter's Armor
    • Runed Scouts Armor
    • Sage's Bracelet

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