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    Tiberium is a powerful plant-like crystalline substance found in the Command & Conquer series, which has various deleterious effects on everything it touches. Extraterrestrial in origin, Tiberium quickly absorbed and destroyed the majority of human civilization on Earth and is inexorably consuming the planet.

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    Tiberium is a hotly contested resource in the Command & Conquer universe, responsible for much of the conflict within the series. Tiberium, referred to as "Ichor" by an insectoid alien species called the Scrin, was seeded throughout the galaxy by the aliens to be harvested randomly as it reached its maximum saturation point on each world it infests. Tiberium was initially discovered in a meteorite which crashed to Earth in 1995 along the Tiber river, and while many say it was named after the river, Kane, leader of the Brotherhood of NOD, claims he named it after the Roman Emperor Tiberius. Tiberium spreads through the ground by extending a series of crystalline veins which continually grow, absorbing all the nutrients and minerals in the surrounding soil. This process leaves the ground dry and barren, and totally unable to support life. Eventually, a sufficiently sized mass of Tiberium will coalesce, and the enigmatic Tiberium crystals will sprout above the ground. Tiberium crystals are extremely valuable due to their naturally rich mineral content, and refineries simply need to remove each component mineral or element from the crystals during processing, which generally returns 100% purity after extraction. Unfortunately, Tiberium crystals emit hard radiation, and so are extremely hazardous to unprotected life forms. While initially thought only to leach minerals from the ground, it was soon discovered that Tiberium spreads on a molecular level, converting everything it comes into contact with into more Tiberium. This process horribly mutates any organic matter the Tiberium infects.

    There are three forms of Tiberium: Green, the most common; Blue, which is explosive but more valuable; and the very rare Red Tiberium. Tiberium is also used by the Brotherhood of NOD as a weapon. Kane has utilized Tiberium in human augmentation experiments and as a base fuel for flamer weapons. In its most lethal form, NOD creates a bomb from Tiberium in a liquid state, which is extremely unstable and catastrophically explosive. A liquid Tiberium explosion of sufficient yield will release a form of energy that the Scrin can track back it's point of origin, which initially instigates the Scrin invasion of Earth in Command & Conquer 3.

    TIberium Chemical Composition:

    • Phosphor: 42.5%
    • Iron: 32.5%
    • Calcium: 15.25%
    • Copper: 5.75
    • Silica: 2.5%
    • Other: 1.5%

    Tiberium Mutation

    The effects of Tiberium exposure vary. When it enters forested areas much of the plant life is mutated and can become Blossom Trees. These trees have large bulbs that pulse, releasing tiny tiberium spores. In the original Command & Conquer, blossom trees create a slow, though constant, replenishing supply of Tiberium around themselves. Although plant life is more susceptible to mutation, animal life is not immune by far. Creatures can be mutated to monstrous blobular entities known as Visceroids, horrible dog-like beasts called Tiberium Fiends, and Tiberium Floaters, strange jellyfish-like beings. Most human exposure to Tiberium is almost always fatal, although some humans have mutated into a symbiotic existence with the crystal plant, gaining enhanced strength and resistance to damage, although usually at the cost of their appearance.


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