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Tiffani Hildebrand is the owner and sole employee who runs R&T Sundries, located in Artisan's Way inside the Arland Kingdom. She sells sundry ingredients essential to synthesizing items and support items for use in exploration and in battle. Tiffani is pretty popular with men in Arland, particularly whenever she shows signs of fragility. She is a widow, as she tells both Rorona and Totori during their first visits to her store in their respective games.

Tiffani lost some of her usual customers when Pamela Ibis opened up her shop next to her store and admitted to Totori that she was jealous of Pamela's young look. Tiffani eventually got her customers back when Pamela moved to Alanya (Totori's hometown) to run a shop there.

Tiffani also drinks heavily and cannot recall anything the night before. When the player accumulates over 60 friendship points with her in Atelier Rorona, they are awarded with a bonus scene where a drunk Tiffani inappropriately touches Rorona one night in Sunrise Cafe. Tiffani repeats her drunken act in Atelier Totori, also in the Sunrise Cafe.

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