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    Tiffany Lords

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    Tiffany is the American transfer-student from Pacific High. She utilizes her kickboxing and cheerleading skill when fighting, and has the largest bust of all the Rival Schools females.

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    Rival Schools: United By Fate

    Before returning to the United States, Tiffany along with Boman and her crush, Roy, were asked to investigate the student abductions that had been occurring in Aoharu by Roy's father. After initially suspecting Justice High to be behind the kidnappings, the group are attacked and brainwashed by Hideo and Kyoko into becoming puppets for Justice High. After attacking Gedo High, the group are eventually freed from their brainwashing by Batsu and his friends. Tiffany's ending shows her back in the states upset that Roy decided to go to Harvard to further his goal of becoming a politician. Tiffany makes a decision to train to become bodyguard in order to protect him in the future much to the dismay of her father who misses having her around. In Roy's ending she is seen as the first lady when Roy becomes president 20 years into the future.

    Project Justice

    A year after the events of the first game, Tiffany returns to Japan with Roy during the new wave of attacks happening on the schools. She and Roy arrive just in time to save Boman and Ran Hibiki from the fake Batsu. The group also help Shoma after being betrayed by Momo. The Pacific High ending shows Tiffany and Roy returning to America after saying farewell to Boman and leaving the protection of the school in his capable hands.


    "Sexy Cheerleader"

    School medical check up.
    School medical check up.

    Tiffany is described a cheerful and bubbly "American funky girl". She has a playful personality and doesn't pay too much attention to what her future holds preferring to live in the moment and spend her weekends dancing at nightclubs. She is shown to be close with her parents whom she misses and phones regularly and receives presents from. She attended the same school as Roy even before moving to Japan and has been deeply in love with him since. She follows him around hoping for him to reciprocate her affection.


    Tiffany as she appears in Project Justice.
    Tiffany as she appears in Project Justice.
    • Due to her family's wealth, Tiffany lives alone in a fancy Pacific dorm with air-conditioning, heating and catered meals delivered straight to her room.
    • She excels at exciting displays of affection.
    • Her best subjects are music and physical education and her worst is Japanese.
    • She doesn't need a part-time job due to her family's wealth.
    • Tiffany, along with Roy and Boman, are the only non-Japanese playable characters in the Rival Schools franchise.
    • Tiffany is shown to speak Japanese with an American accent and regularly messes up phrases and short sentences which leads to Boman correcting her.
    • She is voiced by Miki Narahashi.
    • Because of how her name is written in Katakana, a number of fans transcribe her name as Tiffany Rose.
    • She shares a birthday with Guile as well as a dislike for nattō.
    • She appears in Felicia's ending in Capcom Fighting Evolution.
    • She cameos in Deadpool's ending in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 asking for his autograph after defeating Galactus.
    • She appears in the background of Street Fighter V's DLC stage Kanzuki Beach along with Hinata Wakaba.
    • She is seen in Akira Kazama's storyline in Street Fighter V.

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