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    Tiger Electronics, Inc.

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    Known more for their electronic toys, Tiger Electronics has created handheld video game systems as well as developing/publishing games.

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    Tiger Electronics was founded by Randy Rissman and Roger Shiffman in 1978. There original focus was on handheld electronic games and various toys with a teaching purpose. They later created 2 handheld cartridge systems that both failed to make a real impact on the market. After Tiger's failed attempts at video games they went back to the electronic toy market and are now part of Hasbro.


    The R-Zone was Tiger's first attempt at a handheld cartridge system seeing three variations between 1995-1997. The systems implemented LCD technology with the Head Gear edition resembling Nintendo's Vitual Boy, though the system was not built with competition in mind. All R-Zone games were reworked variations of existing Tiger handheld games.

    The, pronounced game com, was Tiger's second and final attempt at a handheld cartridge system. Unlike the R-Zone, this handheld was built to directly compete against Nintendo's Game Boy. While also a commercial flop with only 20 games ever released, the system was the first to incorporate many features taken for granted today, including PDA-like features, a touch screen, a stylus, internet connectivity and the ability to insert 2 cartridges at once.



    • A Bug's Life
    • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
    • Furbyland
    • Metal Gear Solid
    • NBA Hangtime
    • Shadow Madness (while never officially announced, it was seen in a commercial for the system)

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