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Tiger Jackson was introduced in Tekken 3, and he returned for Tekken Tag Tournament, although this game is non-canonical. He is "unlocked" by selecting Eddy Gordo with the Triangle or Start button (although Tekken 3 requires you to beat the game with seventeen unique characters first). It's not known whether or not that Tiger is a friend of Eddy's or a alternate-ego of him. Namco has never said anything about this. However, in the Tekkn 6: Bloodline Rebellion Artbook, which came coupled with the Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion Bundle, states that Tiger Jackson was an unused concept for Eddy Gordo not used for the final character.


  • In Tekken 3, Tiger can be used after beating the game with all of the characters. To use him, the player must go to Eddy Gordo on the "Character Select" screen and press either the "Start" button or the "Triangle" button.
  • Tiger Jackson's bosses in the Tekken Force side game in Tekken 3 are (in order of appearance) Eddy Gordo, Eddy again, himself, and Heihachi Mishima.
  • A possible friend or an alternate-ego of Eddy. In Tekken Tag Tournament, their endings are both the same and the two are seen as different people and separate. But Tekken Tag is not canon so it's still unknown if Tiger and Eddy are the same person or two different people.
  • Tiger Jackson's name is never said by the announcer in Tekken 3 or Tekken Tag Tournament.
    • In Tekken Tag Tournament, there is a glitch with Tiger (and Eddy) when he is used as a Practice Mode dummy. All attacks performed on Tiger are read as a combo string, and it doesn't reset until you hit him to the ground or into full crouch.
  • Tiger Jackson can be seen in the Pool Party stage of Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection. He can be seen even when Eddy Gordo is in the stage as well. Tiger replaces Lee Chaolan, who was the fighter seen in this stage in Tekken 5 (except when he was fighting).

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