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Could someone help me with the putting it is the most aggravating thing I have ever done, I have absolutely no Idea how hard to putt the ball there are percentages all over the screen and when I hit it the exact percentage it asks for it just comes up short every time. I am eleven over par through 12 right now about an hour after shooting a 51 in tiger woods 08. Whats up

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Couldn't agree more.  Putting seams way harder than it needs to be.  Even when i use the put preview and make sure to hit the mark in the meter I still miss over half of my putts.

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Er, what system are you playing it on? It doesn't sound like you're using MotionPlus. ;D

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If you are using MotionPlus it works like this: The bar on your left with the four notches in it is your power. Each notch equals 25% power. So it works 25%, and the next notch is 50% and so on. You can hit the Minus (-) button once per putt to see how the ball will break. However, you also need to take into account if you are putting up hill or down hill. Below the percentage you need to putt it will say the distance to the hole and whether you are putting up hill or down hill. Once you find out if its up or down, you have to look at the accompanying number that tells you how steep the grade of the slope is.  Based on this you have to hit it harder or softer.

This is a little confusing, so, for example: If it says you are supposed to hit the ball at 50% power but it says that you are hitting downhill at 10 in, you want to hit it less than 50% because your ball will pick up speed as it goes down.  This also works with putting up hill. If it says you are supposed to hit it at 50% power with a 10 in. grade up hill, you have to hit it harder than 50% to account for the ball slowing down.

I don't know if this is what you were really looking for, but I hope it helps. Let me know if you need more help.

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