Did anyone get the collector's edition?

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I've seen at various places that you get extra courses if you buy the collector's edition but I've seen different places say that it gives you access to all of the dlc courses, 14 of the courses, 5 of the courses and the Amazon description just says you get access to some Augusta related and mentions nothing about extra courses.

If anyone bought the collector's edition can you let me know which if any of the DLC courses you get. Also how much does each course cost if you were to buy them?

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"The Collector's Edition offers 5 additional golf courses, access to Augusta National's world-class Tournament Practice Facility, an exclusive Green Jacket presentation and more."

"Collector's Edition Exclusives - Walk the grounds of Augusta National like never before, explore dual 400-yard long fairways, magnificent white bunkers and slippery greens that mimic the real thing at Augusta National's world-class Tournament Practice Facility, experience the coveted Green Jacket Ceremony first-hand and unlock exclusive pro-shop items."

That's what the Gamestop description is.

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@WilltheMagicAsian: I know how to use the internet.

Like I said different places are saying different things. If you didn't buy the collector's edition please don't reply.

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Bought the CE yesterday, and will have it at home when I get off work this evening. I'll let you know what I find, since I imagine I'll compare what's in the box to what's available as DLC pretty soon after entering my various download codes and online pass codes.

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Here's the full list of courses in the collector's edition: Augusta National (home of The Masters) Augusta National Par 3 course Bethpage Black Celtic Manor Resort Crooked Stick East Lake The Els Club The Ocean Course @ Kiawah Oakmont CC Pebble Beach PGA National Resort and Spa Pinehurst Royal Birkdale Royal County Down The Royal Melbourne St Andrews (The Links course) Torrey Pines The Old White TPC TPC Sawgrass TPC Scottsdale Valhalla Whistling Straits The following courses are in the game, but must be unlocked via in game currency, MS Points, or by mastering other courses: Atlanta Athletic Club Banff Springs Blackwolf Run EA Sports Bonus Course The Dunes at Costa Navarino Emerald Dragon Greek Isles Highlands Golf Club Liberty National Predator Spyglass Hill at Pebble Beach TPC Blue Monster TPC San Antonio Waialae CC Wolf Creek No way to compare to the standard, but it's a shitload of courses.

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Is there a bundle price to unlock the rest of the courses?

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One thing I noticed you got with the Collectors Edition is a set of "Masters" golf clubs.

Which until you unlock the EA Hammerhead Prototype clubs at the end of the game are pretty much THE best clubs you can use.

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the way I understand it there are 6 extra courses on the CE (16 on the normal game and 22 on the CE). But also there is a DLC that has 11 extra courses (or 16 if you have the normal version).

What I don't understand is why on the front of the CE box it says 20 additional championship courses.....maybe it's just 20 new tournaments that use repeats of the courses

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@dbene: The reason it says 20 additional courses is because it's Tiger Woods 13 "The Masters" Special Edition. The way EA look at it is the game is all about the Augusta National... then all the other courses in the game are additional.

You'll note that the ordinary edition of the game says on the box Tiger Woods 13 includes "The Masters"

I guess this is EA's way of making the game look like is has way more stuff in the special edition than there actually is.

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