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The Tikis are the main antagonists of Donkey Kong Country Returns. Not much is known about them, other than that their method of operation differs greatly from the previous baddies of Donkey Kong Country, the Kremlings. While the Kremlings rely on military might and industrialization, the Tikis seem almost parasitic in their tactics - going as far as brainwashing DK Island aborigines and re-engineering abandoned Kremling vessels and factories.
Tikis come in different shapes, sizes, and forms. Tiki varities include Tiki Boings, Tiki Buzzes, Tiki Zings, Tiki Tanks, and others.
It is revealed near the end of Donkey Kong Country Returns that the Tikis' magic is fueled by bananas (the reason for stealing DK's hoard). The association with bananas implies that the Tikis were once monkeys themselves on early Donkey Kong Island. The statues of monkeys wearing Tiki-garb inside and around the game's Tiki-built temples further suggest this. 

Other Appearances

Tiki Goons are confirmed to appear as obstacles on one of the tracks in Mario Kart 3DS.

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