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    Tilt to Live

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Feb 24, 2010

    In Tilt to Live, you play as a tilt controlled arrow that fights for survival against endless spawning red dots.

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    Quick Summary

    In this game the player controls an arrow icon and must try to avoid contact with spawning red dots to survive for as long as possible. The game is controlled by tilting the device and provides for several control presets, including a custom calibration. In the beginning the player has three weapon systems available (nuke, seeking missiles, line-of-sight blast) that are activated by moving over their respective orbs. The game increases in difficulty the longer you stay alive by adding more red dots and placing them in closer proximity to you. More weapons (freezing blast, shields, lightning) can be unlocked for reaching certain milestones in the game.  The game game has AGON support for achievements, highscores & leaderboards. 

    Game Modes

    Tilt to Live featured, on release, three game modes: Classic, Code Red, and Gauntlet. Classic mode is as described above, where you move around the screen by tilting and pick up weapons to destroy red dots. Code Red mode has the same gameplay as Classic mode, but it starts the difficulty very high, with droves of red dots spawning all around you from the start. Gauntlet mode puts your tilting prowess to the test by sending you through a obstacle course of sorts, requiring you to maneuver your arrow through moving dots and shapes. 
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    On July 31st, 2010 One Man Left updated Tilt to Live with a new Frostbite mode. In this mode there are frozen red dots falling from the top of the screen, and your job is to break all of them before they reach the bottom. If they slip by you they will fall into a pool of water that will thaw the dots at which time they will come after you. The only way to then kill the awakened red dots are with the new "Burnicade" weapon, which leaves a trail of fire behind you. The Burnicade weapon, once unlocked, can also be used in all other game modes.    

    In December of 2010 One Man Left Studios released an "in app purchase" for a new game mode: Viva La Turret.  In Viva La 1676037-viva_la_turret_thumb.png  Turret the player is only offered the turret as a weapon.  While using the turret, the player can shoot other turret "balls" to bring them towards the player.  This allows the player to keep using the turret for extended periods of time.  As each red dot is killed a diamond jewel is left.  When the player exits a turret they can pick up the jewels, every jewel picked up counts towards the score multiplier, but only for the next turret used.  If no jewels are picked up, then no score multiplier is applied.
    One Man Left Studios has said that there will be no further updates to Tilt to Live, but they are working on new projects.


    • Single player game
    • Three game modes
    • Unlockable weapons
    • Game Center support
    • AGON support 
    • Online Leaderboards    

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