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    Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Oct 21, 2004

    Jack Skellington is back ... and he's armed to the bone! Control Tim Burton's Jack Skellington to battle Oogie Boogie for control of Halloween Town.

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    The Nightmare Before Christmas : Oogies Revenge is an action game developed and Published by Capcom in the vein of popular action games at the time such as Devil May Cry. The game was released on the PS2 and XBOX in 2005, and it follows the events of the movie with Oogie escaping imprisonment and his eventual takeover of Halloween town. Several Voice actors from the original movie reprise their roles in the game.


    Players take control of Jack Skellington and use the "Soul Robber", an elastic slime weapon to retake Halloween Town. Players can other costumes for Jack that grant him new abilities, such as the Santa Jack suit which allows Jack to freeze or stun his enemies with presents and the Pumpkin King costume which allows Jack to set enemies ablaze.

    Throughout the game Jack will encounter monstrous servants of Oogie in standard play and boss battles. These battles are played out as a rhythm game where the player must hit different buttons at the correct time to damage the boss.


    The music from the games was released in a limited edition CD.

    1-This Is Halloween 0:53

    2-Oogie's Song 1:03

    3-Sally's Song 0:45

    4-Dr. Finkelstein's Song 1:00

    5-Take Our Town Back 0:55

    6-Hail to Mr. Oogie 1:09

    7-Casino Clash 1:03

    8-Spiral Hill 1:15

    9-Oh No! 0:54

    10-A Filthy Finale 1:09


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