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    Time Clickers

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Mar 20, 2015

    A clicker game where players control a team of sharpshooters who take aim at a never-ending stream of enemy cubes.

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    Time Clickers is an idle/clicker game that has players controlling a pistol and shooting various cubes to earn gold and progress. Like many other games of the type, gold is spent on items that raise the damage done by clicking, as well as adding additional abilities and "team members" who do continuous damage over time without direct player involvement.

    After wave 100, players begin to earn time cubes, which are made available for use after a reset. Time cubes raise the base damage per second by a set percentage and are also used on a tech tree - this gives players the option to raise damage, earn more gold, make enemy waves easier, and so on. Subsequent resets can't be performed until the player reaches wave 100 and buys all of the game's active abilities.

    Time Clickers also has live leaderboards that lets players see where every other registered player is currently at, wave-wise.


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